Sunday, November 21, 2010

Murmansk Adoption Journey (pics)

Okay, so with puppy mania I haven't gotten around to writing the second installment of our Murmansk adoption journey.  However, thought I'd share a few first trip pictures to tide you over.  LOL.

Nik in the famous ball pit that all adoptive families seem to experience.  Typically, orphanages will have a sort of play room for the kids.  That's where we were taken to for all our meetings w/ them.  Well, between that and them romping all over the director's office.  Got to love those pink tights on Nik.

Alyona never could really get on this ball that was as big as she was.

This was my 4yo!  Yes, 4yo wearing a size 18 months clothes when we brought him home.  Tiny little thing.  

This was Alyona's teeth when we went on trip one.  Most older orphanage kids come home with tons of decay.  Alyona was no exception to this.  Thankfully, we work with a wonderful dentist.  He used to do humanitarian work on Moldovian orphans.  He fixed her up very nicely.  

You can't tell too much by the picture as they had her dressed in many, many layers.  She was boney.  She weighed 24 lbs. I think.  She was 7 years old.  She fit in our laps.  The full of life kiddo was not there.

Nik with his speech therapist.  I know, kind of funny as they didn't even know he was deaf.  No hearing aids,no implants, yet at least they were trying to teach him to speak even if he couldn't understand them.  See how plump Nik is compared to Alyona?  Nik was sweating from all those layers.  

This was there playground.  Well, they called it a playground anyways.  Our kids played in the snow on the second trip like crazy.  There was a playground near the apartments we stayed in. 

View from our hotel.  No, it was not the best view.  Nor the best room.  We were over the disco floor.  You can only imagine the noise.  We survived.  opened the windows even with snow on the ground.  The Russians tend to cook you inside the buildings.  Others who've traveled to EE completely can relate.  You dress in layers and peel them off once inside.  And, you're still sweating. 

I'll share more later.  Like I said, puppy mania has taken over this household.  I take back the statement I made about the female.  She is definitely just as full of energy as the other one.  More to come soon.  Just busy this week. 

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