Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MRI results, mall, & a chance meeting

I know I promised a different post but I'm working on it.  Today was a little busy.  Warren took a vacation day.   Poor guy.  He never takes a real vacation day.  They are always used for the kids and their medical appointments.  So, today he took Nik to his speech evals and audiologists.  I stayed home & got Bojan on the bus, which was late.  Then driving one of the littles to preschool.  Came home and went to a bounce house place w/ one of the other "littles."  While there, met a lady who has been trying to "find" me.  Don't know how she found out about me really but usually these things are beyond my earthly knowledge.  Anyhow, she has a friend here that is doing hosting for kids from EE.  She can't remember the country.  They have found homes for 12 of the 14 of them.  She has a friend who wants to speak w/ me as they know nothing about this "syndrome."  I said what syndrome?  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Umm, I think I can help you with that and what an incredibly small world!  Can't wait to chat with her and help her.  Apparently, this is a very sweet young lady.  13 years old.  Who knows, maybe I'll get to meet her.  I have a heart for FAS kids as you already are aware.  To know that she is one of the two kids waiting is heartbreaking.  I told this other lady I would be happy to speak with the family hosting and also get the message out about her if that is what is desired. Keep you posted. 

Came home, and did stuff before picking up the other "little" from preschool.  Warren came home late that afternoon.  Tell you all about Nik's appointment in the coming post.  Have to tell you though about Nik's mall visit.  Now, we don't usually go to the mall. 1) too expensive and 2) too much stimulation for our kiddos.  Well, Warren had 2 hours to kill between appointments so took him to the mall for lunch.  Warren said Nik was all big eyed on all the Christmas decorations.  Yes, up already.  Well, Nik had tooth fairy mouse(explain later) money.  Saw this huge display of various gumballs.  After careful consideration, Nik picked the gumballs on the top of the display.  Of course.  Warren said he held him up above his head while Nik got the quarter in and the gumball out.  Squealed w/ delight that it was his favorite color...orange.  Then, they walked around.  Went to a store & saw clothes in the window and signed Irina.  Went passed a jewelry store and he signed mom.  (good kid!).  Went passed a store w/ lingere, gothic clothing in all black, etc. and signed Yana. Umm, I think I'm in trouble.  LOL.  They had a fun time at the mall. 

Warren & I loaded up 3 kids and took them to my ortho that I thought would be about a 15 minute appointment.  Umm, no.  Not a chance.  Got out about an hour and a half later.  Great news...no surgery!  No torn meniscus.  Bad news...arthritis of the knee.  Got an injection today of a steriod and it's supposed to help.  Hope so.  Can do cardio again tomorrow.  Drove Nik to the house as the speech therapist was coming over.  Then, went to drop off the "littles" as their mom had already been to our house I said I'd take them home.  while there, we get a call saying Alyona has cut her hand & is bleeding all over.  She'll need stitches is what we're being told.  Now, I take all this w/ a grain of salt as you have to remember the source it's coming from...my other kids.  Got home & it is NOT a deep cut.  It's just a knife cut from where she tried to cut an apple.  Bandaid was fine for it. 

So, busy day.  Tomorrow, my sister is having her baby boy.  I wish her well.  I think we've only seen her current son, 4yo, about 3 or 4 times maybe.  She lives in another state so I guess it's hard to get together at times.  Hope we get to see them one of these days.  Our kids get out of school early.  Yeh, maybe we'll actually be able to pick the house back up for the social worker on Thursday.  Yeh, wishful thinking, I know.  I swear, there is a magnet for clothes hidden under the floor.  That is why the clothes are so attracted to the floor.  That's the story I'm going with.  Need to go write more report card responses. BTW, Bojan got Student of the MOnth. Don't know what for.  He doesn't remember.  Yet, he remembered to tell me that his friend burped in his face today at lunch.  Yes, I am aware where his priorities are.  LOL.  More to come tomorrow. 

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