Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Manic Monday

It has been a bit of a crazy day here.  Nothing totally crazy thank goodness.  I went to Bojan's Thanksgiving Feast at school which was nice.  Took the 2 "littles" with me.  They had no trouble eating, especially when we hit the dessert table.  Told everyone 2 and 2 items only even before we hit said table.  No complaints.  They were awesome today which was an added bonus.  HOwever, we are potty training and of course Bojan's classroom was at the end of the hall.  I scooped her up and ran to the bathroom.  I'm sure the other parents there must of thought she was injured or something odd was going on.  But I knew if she had an accident, she would refuse to put pants back on.  Just what she does and frankly, didn't feel like having a half naked kid in tow.  LOL.  Running it was.  We made it.  Bojan decided to come home.  Nothing going on at school today or tomorrow so I let him.

Puppies are doing well.  Everyone is still smittened with them.  They did not sleep through the night last night which is tiring to say the least.  But, we are all in love.  It's been great to have that energy back in the house once again.  The female is now named Alaska.  The male is now Kota.  We were going to name him Dakota but just too many syllables w/ both dogs.  Kota is already starting to respond to his name a bit which I'm shocked at.  He is the active one for sure.  Alaska is just sweetness.  She has her moments though.  She has learned what people food is even though she was not given any yet.  Trust me, in this house, she'll learn quickly w/ all the dropped food.  Plus, Warren used to cook Bear and Aspen their own burgers some times.  I'm sure these two once older will enjoy cookouts as much as the other two did.  Their personalities are beginning to show quite a bit.  During the day, Kota likes to sleep on one of the soft kids' chairs we have in the living room.  Alaska will go to the bedroom and sleep on the dogbed.  Yet, at night they both sleep on the dog bed.  Nik loves getting the dogs to chase him around.  Wears them out for sure.  they've already proved they can handle a bunch of kids and not be timid.  Though, when Alaska wants to be left alone, she crawls under something.  Smart dog.  Aspen used to do the same thing.  Kota could care less about being under something.  He yearns for the action. 

Well, I started this yesterday, Monday.  It's now Tuesday evening which gives you an idea of how crazy the last few days have been.  Bojan went to the prosthetic doc today.  He had to get casted for a new liner then he'll get casted for a new socket.  They were shocked to see how much he had grown.  We could have strangled Bojan right then and there.  URGHH!!!  Warren took him so thankfully I didn't have to endure the embarrassment of my own son and what he had done.  For aka, when they get casted, you pretty much have to take the shorts off & be in your underwear depending upon certain lengths of the leg and such.  Bojan had NO underwear on.  What?!  Who does that when they know exactly where they're going and what will happen?  URGHH!!!  To be sure he was grilled by Warren in the car & then by me when he got home.  Stupid, stupid.  No other word for it.  For a smart kid, he has NO common sense.  He didn't wear any to school either.  Sometimes, I just don't understand my boys.  I really don't. 

For Thanksgiving, we will have company.  Warren's family is coming on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  Should be fun.  Tiring, but fun.  Frankly, Warren and I are wiped out from the puppies schedule of wanting to get up at night.  I know they'll outgrow it so I can't complain.  Though, I know I am. LOL.  So, we have all day tomorrow to clean and bake.  Speech therapy will happen tomorrow as well as a few local errands and the chiropractor.  Other than that, home.  Tomorrow, we will also be delivering food for a family friend who needs a little extra help.  I did a food drive over the last week.  Feel if we have food on the table, there is no reason someone I know should not have food on the table.  Plain and simple.  Anyhow, we'll get it all done and maybe do a little shopping on Thursday afternoon.  Yes, a few stores are open.  I'm still not sure about venturing out w/ the Black Friday crowd.  Things have been tight and the main gift is the puppies.  However, tonight an amazing thing happened.  I will do a seperate post.  It deserves a second post a blessing of this magnitude.  Unexpected one at that. 

Just wanted to say it's been a bit busy.  I'm sure it has for everyone out there.  I have much more to say for sure.  Tons happening at Chaos Manor.  Isn't there always??  Yet, I don't think we'd have it any other way.  Okay, so I'm lying.  I'd love to have more sleep this week.  2 puppies.  We're we thinking that through?  LOL.  It has been so, so much fun though watching the kids play with them.  So much fun holding these tiny pups as I know they won't stay tiny for long. 

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  1. Hi! I love your blog! We are adopting from Bulgaria too! I couldn't find any pics of your 3? I'd love to see them! :o)