Monday, November 8, 2010

Manic Monday

It is indeed a manic Monday.  So many things happened this past weekend.  For those wondering, Bear is still up in the air.  For those who have no idea what I'm referring to, go back two posts.  Sunday, Bear perked back up and seemed like his old self.  this morning, not so much.  I will call the vet tomorrow.  Part of me fears calling the vet.  I think you can all figure out why.  But, Bear is not yelping right now or whimpering.  And, he went outside a bit more today so there is a big plus.  Hoping he keeps moving forward. 

Yesterday, we all had church, cleaned the house a bit more and then it was Christmas play rehearsal at church and youth group.  Busy stuff.  Today, we had a meeting w/ the SSI people.  We could not even apply as we are out of income range to qualify for anything for Irina.  Now, she turns 18, she will qualify IF they say she will.  Ahh, more to it.  She applies in January I am told.  Then, it will take 3 to 5 months to review her case.  Still not sure what in the world takes that long.  Our income will NOT be taken into consideration when she is 18.  That is great news.  Also, told none of our kids would qualify for any SSI now due to our income.  Not even when we have the 10 kids.  I still don't know how other families are getting it, I'm really stumped at this point.  I've had many folks write me and tell me they receive it.  And if you think we live in a mansion and eat cavier, think again.  LOL.  Yes, wonderful income but our cost of living & feeding everyone & especially all the medical expenses, is extremely high.  I even asked about a medical waiver which many told me to ask about.  Umm, nope.  Told we won't qualify for that either.  Just don't get it.  It's not that I want SSI now for the kids, it's that I'm worried they won't get it later as adults when they need it. That's what I have been told many times... that if your kids don't receive it as kids, it is near impossible for them to get it as an adult.  That is my fear and that's why we're fighting so hard to get Irina set up.  I'll keep you posted the next few months to see how this plays out as I'm sure there are many of you in the same situation. 

After that appt., we went to the lawyer's office, w/ 3 "littles" in tow.  They were great and I bought them each a Wendy's Frosty.  Well, they were free.  In October they had Halloween coupon booklets.  Buy 10 for $1.  We did.  Got 4 free today. They were good too!  Anyhow, signed papers at the lawyer's office for Irina's readoption.  That is going really well and rather fast.  Forgot the marriage cert today.  Got to get that to her and the homestudy...from 10 years ago.  Umm, that may be a bit difficult.  I'll give it a shot though.  DSS will be calling us w/in the next few days.  Fine.  I'm sure by then the house will be a demilitarized zone again.  LOL.  Oh well, we tried. 

Report cards came out today.  I'm still ready to spit fire.  URGHH!!!  Irina did great w/ the exception of math.  Keep in mind, they have her in an inclusion classroom doing Algebra.  Umm, yeh, these self-contained class kiddos last year had issues doing simple addition.  You really think sticking them all in a regular ed class w/ teachers walking around to help them in front of their peers in algebra is a good idea???  Stupid people!  That debate for another day.  Let's just say the county we live in has much to be desired for common sense and academics.  Max.  I don't even want to discuss it.  I wrote about him a few days ago.  Yana.  She's doing well w/ the exception of language arts which is to be expected w/ her delays and CAPD and FAE.  Bojan did pretty good.  All B's.  Alyona is doing fine (in self-contained setting) except for math.  And, her reading is still on beginning first grade level.  She's in 4th grade.  We will have to pull her out after elementary school next year as this school system no longer has self-contained in middle & high schools.  And, w/ her level, she would have to be put in a life skills class.  Not where she belongs at all.  Catch 22 really.  Alex is not where he should be and again, inclusion is the issue and too much transition.  Too many teachers for him.  It's obviously not working so we'll have to find a solution.  Nik is doing fine.  So, majority did well except in the areas that we already knew that they struggled in.  Only one I'm really upset w/ is Max.  His is a direct result of laziness, not lack of ability.  The others truly do have lack of ability in certain areas.  Other areas, they got A's & B's.  So, pleased w/ most of it.  We do feel though it is in the best interest of our children if we start homeschooling again.  I had wanted to wait till the adoption was over but I fear we can't wait that long any more.  Working on it all. 

I'll have to load some pictures up on here and do the next post w/ some pictures.  So, next about our pictures.  LOL.  Lots going on tomorrow too.  Warren took off work.  We have many appointments.  Nik has a speech eval and audiologist appts.  I have an ortho appt. to see how my MRI on Saturday checks out.  I'll know tomorrow if I need surgery or not.  Hope not.  Yet, I really am anxious to get back into doing cardio and working out.  Feel like such a bum lately.  Got to go.  We're having ham, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner.  Can't wait.  We caught the ham on sale so just had to eat it.  Frankly, we all just wanted ham.  This past weekend though we hit some major deals.  I know many of you wonder how we feed this many or how you just do regular things such as Halloween costumes.  You hunt for bargins whenever you're out.  This past weekend, 90% all Halloween stuff.  So, now my kids, all 10 of them, have costumes for next years, supplies for their class parties, and glow sticks for sleepovers/ b-day parties.  Most expensive costume I got was $2.90.  Most were between $1.40 and $1.70.  Kids loved playing w/ the glow sticks for .10 each.  Also, stocked up on turkeys for .68 a lb.  You can't beat a meal that will feel all 9 of us for $7 or less.  So that is how we can do things or feed everyone.  You simply bargin shop when you can.  BTW, when I go to yard sales nowadays, I see groups of teenagers shopping around too!  Kids that used to go to the mall are now going to yard sales.  Yes, times have changed for sure.  But, I think it is also good for the kids to learn that young. 

Okay, enough rambling.  Kids don't have school this Thursday and get out early on Wednesday.  Our social worker was supposed to come today to interview IRina but her daughter was sick.  Remember, we have that immigration snaffu where Irina is now considered an adult here.  Anyhow, she's now coming to Chaos Manor this Thursday.  Yes, praying this time they don't head down the hill in a garden cart headed for the social worker's car.  In case you're wondering, yes, it was the boys!  Homework is calling me so need to go.  Enjoy your evening.  More posts happening soon.  Lots going on that I have yet to even write about. 


  1. I'm told they always say no the first time you apply. You might speak to the attorney about any help she/he can provide. Friend of mine's husband had a trach and other issues and got turned down the first time he applied.

  2. I just discovered your blog, and am wondering how that could be, as we have many of the same "favorite blogs" in common.

    I'd love to know more about your family; do you have an "introduction" post, I could read?

    Also, I'm curious what you mean about the SSI?

    My children are in a tiny Christian school; I teach there two period a day to pay for tuition. It is worth it for the individual attention. And less chaos than they'd get in the big public schools they have here. Still....the actual educational piece is very hard for those adopted older.

    But your description of the Algebra class reminded me of my bio daughter. She is math-impaired (though brilliant in language arts). But she was constantly humiliated in HS; the teacher wore a microphone and the kids couldn't ask a question without it being blasted around the room. I agree with you about education!