Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little updates & silly stuff

Figured I'd update on a little on the adoption front.  Not a whole lot to report.  As you all know, our curveball was thrown when USCIS decided to invoke the right to declare Irina as another adult living in our household.  Shh, don't tell her they think of her as an adult or it will go to her head.  LOL.  So, it's a rush to get it all done.  Social worker came out on Monday to re-interview Irina.  SW is writing up the addendum.  That will be sent w/ the pink form & the supplemental I form of the I-800A back to USCIS for official approval.  Have yet to know if they will make her go through biometrics as well.  If so, we will go over to Durham USCIS office & sit & wait for a day.  We are on a time crunch so that will have to be done.  We won't have time to wait for an appointment.  I noticed last time we went, it was not crowded at all.  If it is, we should be able to get a walk-in appointment.  Again, all speculation at this point in time.  All we're waiting on is approval from USCIS to have everything take place.

Readoption front.  Irina had to go re-sign stuff yesterday.  Waiting on a call from DSS this week to have their social worker come out here.  That should be interesting.  Chaos Manor & all its happenings.  Once DSS comes out, Irina's readoption can be pushed through the courts.

Leaks.  We had 3 leaks this past week alone.  2 from the sinks in the kitchen.  1 from our bathroom where Warren drilled through the wall & hit the pipe from upstairs.  All leaks from that are fixed.  Windows are still rotting.  We've replaced the upstairs dormer window recently as we had no choice.

Repairs.  These are the new dormer windows.  The rot before was bad to the point of effecting the structure.  So, had to do it though money really wasn't there for it.  The other windows all need replacing.  Not happening any time soon.  Condensation is horrible with them & you can feel the breeze coming through in the winter time.  Hoping a possibility of refinancing will help take care of some of these repairs that we have to do. 

Driving.  Irina has to take her test by December 4th in order to get her permit.  She is very nervous which is normal I told her.  She is not quite as steady behind the wheel as Max is but I think she'll get there.  Max has one more driving class to take for driver's ed part.  After that, he'll apply for his permit as well.  Not sure when Irina will get her license.   Time will tell.  Yana will take the class this coming summer. 

Clutter.  Our house has become slowly over run by it.  Part of the problem is our lack of storage.  I don't want to waste money & buy new clothes so I save all their clothes for hand me downs.  However, we have no attic, basement or the like to store stuff in.  Doing the best I can to sell what we don't use, which is not much.  But, every little piece gone helps w/ the room situation.  My kids really have hardly any toys.  Okay, before anyone jumps on that one, it's just who they are.  They all came from orphanages where they didn't have much.  Haven't too much causes them too much stimulation which leads to other issues.  Hence, why they have the bigger outdoor toys instead.  Skateboards, bicycles, trampoline, pool, swingset, etc.  works for us.  So, toys are not the clutter issue.  It's mostly clothes.  working on a solution. 

Glasses.  Warren needs new glasses.  Alyona & Nik will need new glasses as well but need to get their exams done first.  Of course they have to go to specialists due to their eye disorders.  Alyona has ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia) and Nik has very bad eyes.  Though, we don't feel that he has RP(retinitis pigmentosa).  We won't know definitively until he is a teenager.  But, it looks good so far so no blindness in his future would be awesome for sure.  Anyhow, took Max today to get his glasses fixed.  Unfortunately, they can not be fixed.  URGHH!!!  So, new glasses for him.  BTW, our insurance pays for glasses only once every 2 years and it is a $200 deal.  They always cost more than that though.  And the every two years thing really sucks when you have kids that go through glasses so much.  We get them at Walmart to help offset the cost & repairs.  I know there are many online shops that are cheap but having someone local be able to adjust them as often as many as we need adjusting is worth it.  I think we've kept the optical shop in business.  The guy today said "you know, I was just commenting on how I haven't seen your family in here for awhile."  

Silly things here & there.  Well, as you know, I'm a bargin hunter no matter what time of year.  Well, we were at Sam's the other day for some supplies and came across Halloween items.  We'll have fruit snacks & popcorn for months now. LOL.  Also found these:

Halloween lollipops.  Different flavors.  We all had the best time trying to guess the flavors.  It was hilarious.

Love Max's face here.  We just had eaten beef & broccoli stir fry.  They had lemon, grape, orange, sour apple, banana and wild cherry.  None of the flavors were labeled.  We guessed them all.  Taking turns trying to guess.  

thought it was cute that Nik is trying to read.  One of my magazines no less.  Monopoly game left on the floor of course.  No one playing.  I refuse to pick up their messes.  It did get cleaned up...eventually.  Nik is so ready to read.  He is trying so hard.  Love it.  Can't wait till he can read.  

Well, more to come later I'm sure.  Been so busy here lately that my posts have dwindled.  You know, life happenings. 

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