Friday, November 12, 2010

Life goes on

I won't discuss this mornings events as it was just too hard.  Suffice it to say, tears were shed.  What I loved though was the fact a complete stranger during this time we were outside, came over to the car and gave me a hug & shed tears too.  Just was a sweet gesture.  The morning was very difficult so we actually ended up staying away from the house all day.  When you are used to your dog being there to greet you with a tail wag every time you walk in the door and he's not there, well, it's just tough.  So, we spent the day trying to keep our minds "occupied." 

Went to the lawyers office to drop off a marriage cert & homestudy.  Remember, this is for Irina's readoption in the state of NC.  Trying to get it done before she turns 18 at the end of December.  For those in the adoption community, please, PLEASE, learn from our mistakes.  ---go ahead and readopt them right away.  Despite us having a will, if something were to happen to either one of us, NONE of the children would receive death benefits despite an active will on file.  It becomes kind of null & void w/out the readoption process in place.  I too am learning.  Yes, still learning new things in the adoption world even after 10 years.  Readopt.  Enough said.  After that, we went to lunch.  Funny, so did the lawyer.  Same restaurant.  Came home very briefly to pick up a bill.  Went to pay and then look for a frame mat for the pictures we had just taken last weekend.  Got great frames at yardsales awhile back.  Really nice but needed a mat.  Umm, did you know that the photo industry stopped making 10 X 13's for awhile?  Well, apparently learned something new today again.  Lady told me now that stuff is digital, they are coming back.  Must be, b/c that's the stupid size I have now that I can't find a mat for.  She said they are not making the mats but will be soon as that size is "coming back."  So, we improvise as any parent would.  Buy a size bigger & make it work.  Went to TJMaxx after that as we had a small gift card to use up.  Trust me, if we don't use them in our house right away, they get lost.  Seriously.  Finally found a toilet paper dispenser the boys will not be able to rip off the wall as it is free standing.  Drives us bonkers.  Oh, even got the kids a Christmas present as a group.  It is this gigantic tube of gum.  I mean huge.  See, our kids are obsessed w/ gum.  Seems as all orphanage kids I have met so far have been.  So, this will be a sure hit on Christmas day.  Gum.  Told you, my kids are very simple. 

We came home & got the girls ready to leave.  They are going to a pilgrimage at church this weekend.  HOpe they do well there. Gone the entire weekend.  Wahoo!!!  Did I say that out loud??  Dropped them off & came home.  Now, they're all watching a movie together.  Bojan's field trip went well today.  Alyona's teacher wrote me a great note and we are on the SAME page.  How awesome is that?!  No troubles w/ Nik's teachers either.  Bojan's IEP needs to be totally eliminated.  Setting up a meeting for that.  Otherwise, we're good w/ him too.  Now, Alex's situation will discuss another day.  We may pull him when we pull Irina and Max soon. 

We have decided not to go to Peacehaven tomorrow.  We are mentally and emotionally drained right now.  Trying to sell a bunch of stuff on Craigslist anyhow so that we can get some funds in for Christmas.  Had a lot of expenses lately that we're unexpected.  New set of windows, Bear, girls' youth group trip(though I think that is a good worthwhile expense), lawyer(totally unexpected), insurance for implants, & quite a few others to name.  Things happen and we understand that.  Just lately, it's been happening all at once.  So, trying to clear the clutter anyhow and sell a few items we don't use.  Boys will be all officially moved to the front bedroom this weekend.  Step I will be complete.  Also, hope the patching will be done this weekend.  That allows us next weekend to paint the new girls' room.  Can't wait.  I really can't. 

I know this was a boring post.  My brain is fried.  It really is.  Alyona has just realized Bear is gone forever.  It will be like this all weekend....hitting different kids at different times.  We'll lean on each other and be grateful for the many happy years we had with our teddy bear.  Have a great weekend.  Maybe I'll get some shots of the boys new room.  Well, not "new" but you get the idea.  And a before shot of the girls' new room. 


  1. sorry your family is going through a rough stretch and having to say goodbye to your sweet dog. Saying some prayers for your family this morning. Hoping you see the bright spot of your trip scheduled soon...though it is also an emotionally draining event (I feel unable to begin to process our experience right now), it signifies the end of one phase, the beginning of the next to bring home the kids. Hope yours comes very, very soon. God bless, Jennifer

  2. Stephanie!... I´m so sorry about Bears departure!. We had passed for that situation 3 years ago, when our 17 y.o. "Black" (a regular dog that looks like bear but smaller), from a day to another had cancer in her Colon, and the vet said "If he were younger, we cloud try it; but what about the post-operation period..." We took him home and prayed for a little recovering that save´s him; but he doesn´t even want to eat. I gave him bread with milk in her mouth and it was hard for him to swallow it... So it was not another chance and we have to choose. It was a VERY hard time for me... I´ve kissed him as I never did and I´ve told him how thankful we were beacuse he was an EXCELLENT dog and had done a lot to the family... And we let him go!...
    After that I didn´t wanted more dogs... but the house needs it... So after a few mounths appears Timoteo, our 2,5 y.o. Beagle dog; and now I can´t imagine the house without him. He brings us toys to play with him and we miss him so much every time we travel and we have to live him. But anyway I still miss our beloved Black, I dream with him once in a while and I cry for him every time I remind him. So I send all of you a big hug, and I undertand the difficult moment you´re going through...
    Kind regards from Argentina!...