Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lawyers, lace & laziness

Phew, what a day is all I can say.  Warren took the day off.  Had to.  I ended up having the day off as well which worked out beautifully for all we had to get accomplished today.  First up was an IEP meeting for Irina.  Warren basically nodded b/c we knew we were pulling her out of there.  Still lies from some of her authority figures which I think is stupid for adults to do but hey, it's an IEP.  They will not cooperate & give her the IQ testing she needs for the SSI we need to apply for.  She was tested last year as we requested.  But, the idiots never gave her the IQ test part of it.  Ridiculous as they KNEW that is what we were after.  So now, we have to pay for private testing...$1500 I think it was the last time I checked.  Lovely.  And no, there is no way to fight this per the law.  She was tested & it is not required they do an IQ test, just required testing every 3 years.  URGHH!!!  I told Warren to leave the meeting no matter what by 8:30 due to all the things we had to do. 

He got home and then we headed to pick up the medicals.  Not ready.  Onto the post office to mail some docs to placing agency.  After that, onto our courthouse to do a background check for Irina.  It has gone up from $10 to $25.  So far, this little "snaffu" w/ immigration has cost us an extra $175 but who's counting?  They were nice at the courthouse and it was onto the clerk of court there to inquire about re-adoption.  Hoping and praying the waiting period required here had changed.  Umm, nope.  However, she recommended a great lawyer down the street.  Went to visit.  Lady seemed to know exactly what she was doing.  Hired her.  (no, this is not a pro bono lawyer.  LOL).  After that, decided we needed lunch.  Quick lunch and then off to the outlet mall.  Remember, it hasn't hit tourist season yet so we are cool w/ no crowds there yet.  Able to get Irina and I the rest of what we needed for our Christmas Family Portrait tomorrow evening.  Warren also picked up a sweater for the picture.  As soon as that was done, it was down to the social security office, which we were secretly dreading.

Took our # and sat down.  We were #58 and they were on #54.  Doesn't seem bad even though I only saw 3 windows.  Well, a lady in the waiting area w/ us started having medical trouble.  Fortunately, there was a nurse in the waiting area also.  She called 911, took the ladies blood sugar level(she had diabetes), and started telling folks what to do.  This was an elderly lady w/ diabetes, high bp, and heart issues.  She was sweating profusely, disoriented and seemed like she was on the edge of passing out.  Irina was scared and worried.  Not one of the best kids to have w/ us during an incident like this.  Paramedics were quick to arrive(would hope so, we were only a few miles from the hospital) and tend to her.  Our # then came up and we were taken to the back.  Had no idea there were like 10 more windows in the back.  Guy there had no idea what to do so sent to one of the ladies in charge.  She fixed Irina's social security card wording w/ no problems!  Wahoo!!!  Passport did the trick.  While there she made an appointment for Monday for the SSI issue.  Working on it then.  Much progress made today for sure on multiple issues.  After this, it was back to the lawyers office. 

We had arrived at the lawyers office and things were already in motion.  DSS has been contacted & have to come out.  Our waiting period is going to be waived most likely (she already spoke to the courts) due to the length of time Irina's been in the home.  That waiting period is there for kids who are just adopted.  Obviously after 10.5 years, I think it's safe to say she's staying.  Most awesome news for sure to hear that we may mostly make that time deadline. 

Headed home after all that business.  Went right back out to pick up medicals.  Drum roll  ink!  Now, those who know international adoption know this is a big no-no.  Blue ink only when filling out papers.  We'll have to work on that one.  Went to Wally World to pick up pantyhose & such for the pictures.  Came home to kids.  Alex didn't look well to me & was lethargic.  Speech therapist arrived and worked w/ Nik.  Alex cried after I made dinner.  Just tomato soup & toasted cheese today.  He was crying and holding his ears.  Sounded like an ear infection or sinus infection to me so Warren is there now at the doc's with Alex.  Waiting for them to get back.

Yana came to me earlier w/ her sweater w/ the lace for the pictures.  You know, the ones tomorrow.  I knew by the look something had happened.  Sure enough, sweater never worn, BEIGE, and new ruined.  I used the laundry stick I have.  Love it.  That thing has gotten everything out.  Hoping for positive results and we'll know in a bit. 

Now, Warren was gone this morning at the meeting and I was getting all the kids ready to go to school.  I get a phone call.  Max's teacher.  URGHH!!!  There is no "nice" way around this whatsoever.  My son is lazy.  Just pure lazy.  He's not stupid.  By far he is NOT stupid.  However, he is the epitome of laziness.  I can't stand it.  The child is 15 years old, has the intelligence to do the work & do it well yet choses to fail.  He simply doesn't do the work.  We know he can.  How do we know?  Because if he takes a test, he does great on it.  Well, except math.  He does have a severe learning disability in math.  however, all other subjects, he does fantastic on the tests.  Does no other work though.  Now, he had the chance to make up all other work and hand it in.  Did he?  NO.  So now, he is to fail.  Teachers want to give him yet another chance.  I said no way.  No way as we have said over and over there are consequences for not doing your work.  He has absolutely no privileges nor freedom until further notice.  None.  The child might as well wear a prison jumpsuit right now for he is our prisoner until his grades improve.  Again, this is not a lack of ability.  It is a lack of self-motivation.  I am open to suggestions as we have tried everything.  He doesn't have a gaming system or a tv or anything of that nature in his room.  We've used his art as motivation.  We've grounded him.  We've tried rewards.  You name it, we've tried it w/Max over the years.  Otherwise, he is a great, kind-hearted kid w/ much talent.  Just hate seeing him ruin his academic career. 

Well, they're back.  Alex has a sinus infection.  He'll be fine.  Warren is cutting Max's hair right now.  More going on but I'm beat.  Next post I will do is a Thoughtful Thursday post.  Tomorrow, I'll have a post regarding Nik's activation this past Monday.  It was amazing!  For now, more to do downstairs.  Have a wonderful weekend folks. 

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  1. Blue ink...I'm clueless! I've never heard of this, nor gave it any regard. Interesting.
    I wonder why blue is the preference??