Friday, November 26, 2010

An incredible blessing

Wow, I don't know how to start this post without getting too emotional.  I guess I should dive right in.  For those who don't know, we go to a little church called Ebenezer United Methodist Church of Raleigh.  It took us quite some time to find a church that can put up with us AND our kids.  We can't go to a church that is too big.  We tried that and the kids with FAS have a very hard time in the crowds.  Two in particular go into an autistic state where they rock and so some different things w/their hands.  Then they feel bad after service as they feel someone is staring at them.  And personally, we do not like going to a church that puts down other religions.  In other words, it took some time to find a place we were all comfortable at.  And, we finally did.  The people are wonderful.  Great Christians with a real desire to serve the Lord.  Always there when you need an ear or even a ride.  Always encouraging.  Always having Jesus in their hearts.  They serve the community in a variety of ways.  Though small, their presence is felt.

Well, on Tuesday, Pastor Ed came over to the house.  Happen to brave Chaos Manor when all the kids were out of school, their friends were over, and the littles were still here. Brave man.  He came over to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving and deliver a card to us.  Pastor Ed said it was a gift from an anonymous person.  He said they did not want to be known.  I didn't open it up then.  Was just enjoying the company & the chaos and well, one of the littles fell on her face & I needed to tend to that.  Decided to open it up later thinking it was our first Merry Christmas card of the year.  Christmas card indeed!  I opened the card and read it and was just taken  a back that someone felt that way about our family.  Cared enough to put things in words.  Glad I didn't open it when the Pastor was here or he would have thought I was just a blubbering mess.  Here is what was printed on the front of the card & then inside:

To the Two of You 

Special Blessings at Christmas Time

Wishing you both a Christmas that touches your hearts and blesses your lives with warmth and happiness-- the way it should for two special people like you.  

Merry Christmas.  

Then, on the inside of the card, they hand wrote this scripture:  

He tends his flock like a shepherd:  He gathers the lambs in His arms.  And carries them close to his heart;  He gently leads those that love young.  Isaiah 40:11. 

Also written was:  We greatly admire your family.  We pray this will help your family as we enter this Holy Season. 

It still is hard to fathom that someone feels this way about us.  This was from a few people I think he said.  There was money in the envelope.  I won't say how much.  That's not important.  Suffice it to say, it is plenty for our kids to have a nice Christmas.  We also intend to finally get Irina that new bed that she needs.  She has outgrown hers and it is modified w/ many, many, many planks underneath to keep it up.  Pieces are broken off all over it.  Yet, she has not complained once.  I've been trying to keep an eye out for a new bed at yardsales or Craigslist but it never panned out. This will allow us to get her the bed she truly needs, give the kids a great Christmas, and to hopefully get a repair or two done.  (van now has all kinds of lights going off on it).  So, to say it came at the right time is an understatement.  I just am still in awe of it all.  When you set off to do an international adoption of any type, you inevitably will have to make sacrifices and have your faith tested over and over and over again.  Some sacrifices must be made by the whole family in order to bring the kids home.  Our kids understand this as they've been through it.  However, as parents, you still don't want your kids to have to endure more sacrifices as they've done that the whole time they were at the orphanage.  Once again, it has been proven in adoption that the Lord will provide.  I truly wish I knew who it was to know that they have made a world of difference in our family.  I can barely wait to see the smiles on Christmas day.  Or to hear what Irina will think of her new bed that does not squeak every night.  She still does the self- stimulation orphanage rock.  She was 6.5 yo when we adopted her and though she outgrew a lot of it, she still will rock sometimes every night.  Well, it wakes Warren and I up every single night.  So, a new bed is not just wonderful for Irina but for the parents as well.  LOL.  Not being able to say thank you is so hard as I want to make sure they know just what this means to our entire family.  We will indeed pay it forward.  I don't know when, I don't know how, but I just know we will.  Warren and I are trying to decide how it will be best used.  I do know one thing that we really want to do.  We really want to take the kids out to a nice dinner.  No Micky D's, no subway, pizza, etc.  Nothing wrong w/ those places as they can feed many for not as much.  Just every once in a while it feels great to take all the kids out w/ us, sit down and really enjoy a meal together.  It's something that is a real rarity in this house.  We would want them to know though it is b/c we were so incredibly blessed by a wonderful Christmas gift.  Of course, this is just an idea.  I know repairs are what is needed.  We'll see.  Put it this way, it is something Warren and I will spend some time thinking through.  Making sure it is being used for its intended purpose.
Anyhow, I just really wanted to say how incredibly blessed we were by this gift.  I know we just did a food drive but it is not the same thing as everyone contributed to the food drive.  I just played a simple part of organizing it and buying some things for it.  I really want to one day be able to be the one playing secret Santa to a family.  For them to really feel the way we feel.  What an incredible gift on so many levels.  There are truly Angels among us!  We promise to pay it forward in the future. 


  1. Wow, I am sitting here with big tears in my eyes! How awesome for you and your family, Stephanie!! You so deserve the help, because y'all live so simply and show such generosity. Beautiful. God bless those folks at your church!

  2. God Is good!! And so are many people! Wonderful to hear of the good deeds that people do when they let Him into their hearts!! Thank you and Warren for giving these children love and happiness. Bless you all and enjoy all that has been given you!