Friday, November 12, 2010

Homework at our house

Parents around here have often ask how we handle the homework situation.  Well, we don't.  The kids do.  It's their responsibility.  We'll remind them of course but ultimately, it is up to them.  Here is what a typical afternoon looks like after school:

We tried a homework room once & that was a major failure.  They all prefer to work together at the dining room table.  here, there are 5 working on homework.  Irina and Max get home much earlier so many times they are finished by the time the others get home.  Then, Irina likes to help either Nik or Alyona do their homework.  Yana likes to help Alex when he has trouble.  Bojan is totally self-sufficient w/out help needed.  Other than being told to shut-up at the table.  I swear if the kid ever had to have his jaw wired shut, he'd go insane.  Bojan literally can't stop talking.  He's like a tv...always on it seems.  

This is Nik thinking.  Well, maybe.  He may just be sniffing the pencil for all I know.  Anyhow, most will do their homework.  They are made to do their own work.  I won't help anyone unless I've seen they've attempted to do it themselves first.  Alyona is most guilty of this.  I've been told many things regarding my FAS kids and I refuse to believe most of it.  In this house, if they can do the homework, they will do the homework.  Now, this week due to Bear's happenings, I never got around to helping Nik.  I'll do that this weekend and write an apology on Monday.  It's first grade.  I'm sure they'll understand.  

After school, they come home, eat a snack and get started w/ homework while I cook dinner.

Lately, they've been loving this snack.  It's just nachos w/ refried beans, scallions, lettuce and tomatoes.  For some reason though, they are loving it.  They said mom, take a picture.  I said why?  Please.  I guess they thought I'd forget how to make it or something.  LOL.

2 nights a week Nik has speech therapy as well at home.  After homework, they go and ride bikes, play in the yard till dinner.  Always outside.  No tv unless it rains.  And frankly, they don't miss it.  Neither do their friends as they are usually over here too playing.  

That's about it for homework.  Things will be changing in January quite a bit.  We know we're pulling Irina and Max out of high school.  Contemplating pulling Alex too.  Was going to pull Alyona as well but I really like her teacher & we think alike so feel she's where she should be.  Though w/the current regulations, I will have to pull her out in middle school or she'll be in a life skills class. Umm, she is definitely not a life skills candidate but that would be her placement due to current changes here in education.  Inclusion.  URGHH!!! is all I'll say about that one.  So, in January, it will definitely look different for after school stuff.  Then next year, I may pull Yana and Bojan as well.  The high schools here & middle schools are just not the best.  Frankly, they stink.  I've given it a shot for many years now and have seen nothing but decline.  Do you know NONE of my children have ever read one of the "classics" in literature?  None of them. I think it's ashame that they can't even tell me who Shakespere is.  Shoot, the younger ones didn't even know who Christopher Coloumbus was.  History is dwindling here, so is science.  In this county, if you are "labeled" special ed (whether it's a little or a lot), you are not required to take science or social studies.  No lie.  I was stunned this year when I found this out for Alex.  Stunned.  So, that may shed a little light as to why we want to homeschool most our kids.  That and around here, names like retard, Asian, etc. are thrown around to my kids.  Figured I'd like you know some of our motivations for wanting to homeschool them.  Warren and I have decided to do some more day trips/ learning trips with the kids soon.  Feel it will help everyone.  

Just wanted to share a little of homework time at our house.  Nothing special.  Just getting it done.  Takes some of mine longer than it should but that's okay.  I'd rather them go slow and get it than to rush through and get left in the dust.  Enjoy your weekend.  We are already starting to organize.  More pictures to come b/c I need something more cheery on here.  Plus, we haven't done pictures on here in awhile. 

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  1. This was in interesting post to read...thanks for sharing. I agree you have to consider each child, each situation, each challenge when you think about their education plan...and it may change over time. I love that you blogged about this topic :) Jennifer