Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween fun in pictures

Well, I can't take such whiny posts as mine lately.  Need to liven things up with pictures to let you know life goes on even if you're thrown huge loops in that adoption roller coaster ride you're on.  So, here goes some preliminary Halloween pictures.  Hope you enjoy them.

Nik trying on the Patrick hat from Spongebob.  We were digging through costumes in the living room.  Kids were trying to decide what they wanted to be.  We save a bunch of them every year and the kids get to pick out what they want or come up w/ their own creation.  I get things at yardsales or consignment shops throughout the year and throw them in the bin.  costumes at 90% off are not bad.  

Sometimes, friends come over to help out.  They were letting Alyona try on some of their stuff.  I kind of like the green hair.

Nik, hamming it up for the camera.  BTW, it's not the camera, his shirt is truly that dirty.  If you look closely, you'll notice Alyona is back in her dog bed area.  We had actually sold her dog bed and now she's crept back downstairs again.  We just don't get it.  She has a bed.  She chooses to sleep on the hardwood floors by a bookcase.  

Bojan getting ready for his Halloween party at his friend's house.  They had a great time.  Love all the costumes we see.  Such clever people.  For 11 kids being home that day, stuff to do and no costume, this is what we came up with...head on a platter.  Not our best but hey, it worked.

Death and the injured skier.  Bojan's not in full costume yet.  Poor Max said it was too dark so eye holes were cut out.  

Yep, even on Halloween Alyona gives us trouble w/ her eating.  We had grilled pork chops, peas and rice that night.  She's never been a fan of anything but sugar.  She managed to shovel it in at the last minute in order to go get candy.  

Our huge pumpkin had rotted through and through.  Max carved this one literally in about 4 minutes.  He is so quick at stuff.  Yes, we were so slack on any decorations this year.  Oh well, more kids to help next year, right?  LOL.

The four younger ones ready to go.  And would you believe Nik kept that mask on for most of the time?!  Bojan had ski poles made by Max but we thought it best not to take the ski poles w/ us.  Yes, that would have added to the adventure of hauling him up and down the hills and driveways here.  Keep in mind, our subdivision is named Southills for a reason.  Some steep driveways for sure.  Some folks thought Bojan was faking but not too many.  Thought he was faking when he said he couldn't walk up the stairs.  I explained that was not a costume or a "prop" on his leg.  And yes, the other leg is gone.  LOL.  Alyona kept wanting to come out of costume.  But, we made it.  

And here is Nik starting early on his sugar rush.  Kids all had a great time.  It was nice getting out and talking to some new folks.  Very pleasant night and great time.  

Now, onto Thanksgiving time.  We like to be outside most this month.  Lots of togetherness as well.  Or, at least we hope.  Some plans in the work despite the chaos happening here.  Tell you all more later.  I do know this weekend we are staying home.  Why?  

This is now our back door area.  Completely rotted from the brick moulding to the door jam.  Had our contractor today(here for the windows) check this out as well.  We have major water issues at this home.  Yet, don't have the time nor money to fix them.  In the meantime, things are going from bad to worse.  Today, we just replaced a few windows.  They ALL need replacing but we are for now doing just the ones that are in dire need and getting to be  a structural issue as well.  How will we fix this one?  No idea yet.  But, know this weekend this has to be done and garage cleaned out so termite guy can come.  No termites thank goodness.  We also need to pull out stuff from under the house.  We have this fear that natural springs have appeared under our home now as well.  Again, water is an issue here.  It is soaked under the house.  Never been this wet before.  Something is not right.  More on the home later.  

Lots more going on for sure.  I will fill you all in as I can.  This has by far been the busiest week ever & it's only Tuesday.  Got to double check some homework.  Have a great evening. 

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