Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Thought I'd compose a checklist of sorts to see how far we've come. just a day.

Contacted homestudy agency & informed them of situation-- check

Contacted placing agency & informed them of situation-- check

Set up in person interview w/ social work for Irina-- check

Faxed Child Abuse Check for Irina-- check

Mail Child Abuse Check for Irina-- check

Sent in additional fee for homestudy addendum-- check

Printed off Supplemental I for Irina-- check

Filled out Supplemental I for Irina-- check One of the "littles spilled milk on it.

Reprinted off Supplemental I for Irina-- check

Getting background criminal check done for Irina-- (doing Thursday)

Trying to see the silver lining-- check

Getting parent medicals redone-- check (appointment is today for us)

Filled out new declaration page for Bulgaria-- check

Got declaration page notarized-- check (notary put wrong county on it so needs to be redone today)

Mailed off homestudy agency recommendation letter-- check

Get shoes, tights, etc. for Christmas portrait on Friday-- check

So, I think in the midst of all this chaos, we actually got some things done.  What do you think?  We have so much going on between the adoption, figuring out SSI, figuring out the housing situation, and figuring out all the school situations, I dont' think we fully appreciated how much we have gotten done.  The fact that everyone is healthy.  The fact that school is going very well academically for most of my kids.  The fact that Nik's implant works.  The fact that Bojan is almost done w/ that cast & wheelchair.  (trust me, it is really difficult w/ a house that is not accessible).  The silver lining is we have gotten stuff done.  We have still managed to have fun with the kids.  We have for the most part, kept our sanity in the midst of all the adoption roller coaster ride loops.  Now, if you don't mind, I have one of the "littles" that is about ready to go with me to story time.  Enjoy your day.  Pics to come later today.  Appointment w/ social worker is Monday btw.  Thanks for all the helpful info on the SSI.  I now have some new info and we are headed there tomorrow to try to get all this initiated if at all possible. 

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