Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catch up post on the weekend

Lots to catch up on.  First thing I want to say is thanks for all the kind words about Bear.  Bear is actually doing quite a bit better.  That day was scary as he whimpered and yelped all day.  We are hoping he had the doggy flu or something.  He's back to his old a point.  He struggled terribly this morning just to get up on all fours.  Bear will not be with us forever but hopefully he has a few more months.  Trust me, he'll be spoiled rotten by then.  LOL.

I guess I have to go back to our weekend.  Alright.  Friday was a tad crazy.  No hair bows for Alyona so we improvised.  Girls told me about 10 minutes before we were to leave that they had NO dress shoes.  Umm, what?!  How'd that happened?  Stains were coming out of nowhere on brand new clothes.  kids wanted to wear something different and the whole 9 yards.  don't know how we did it, but we actually pulled it off.  We actually were off to get a family Christmas portrait made.

This was on our way to the mall.  Alyona was freezing.  We always carry spare blankets in our car all year long as some of our kiddos have temperature regulation issues related to the FAS.  No, a kid is not missing in the picture.  Since I watch the "littles,"  I keep the carseats attached.  Makes it easier than redoing them each & every time we want to go somewhere.
We took the picture at the Picture People. Had a wonderful lady work w/ us.  She said we were a really fun bunch.   Kids were for the most part cooperative.  I had a coupon...of course.  So,we were able to get a few sheets to give away and a big one to keep for the house.  Since they were good, we decided to stop off & go out to eat as we rarely do that.  Went to Logan's.  It's one of our favorite places b/c 1) it's reasonable 2) you can throw peanuts on the floor(kids LOVE this part!) 3) we can sit in the back where it's less stimulating & 4) the staff treats us fantastic each & every time.  So, that's where we ended up at about 8:30 on a Friday night.  Crowd died down so it was perfect.  For those new here, FAS children don't do the best with a lot of stimulation and crowds.  Makes them antsy and thus, an uncomfortable meal for everyone.  So, going at "odd" times helps immensely.  

No one even got ketchup on their nice clothes while eating.  All the kids did so well.  We came home and ate the rest of the take home boxes while watching Toy Story 3.  Busy evening but a nice one for a Friday evening.

Saturday, we cleaned the house and went to Wally World for a few things.  Caught Halloween stuff 90% off. Though you can't really see them in this pictures, I got all the kids glow sticks.  they rode their bikes all over the yard in the dark.  It was fun to watch the glow sticks coming down the yard. 

Thank goodness we live in a fairly private area b/c we look so redneck when we grill out.  LOL.  Who else grills by a lamp plugged into the garage?  Meal was great though so we could careless how it was cooked.  So, Saturday was pretty productive as well.  And, we even got an extra hour of sleep w/ the time change though you definitely couldn't tell.

Okay, so Sunday morning Alex woke up wearing this.  Umm, think it's a sign we need to turn on the heat?  Alex is one of our kids that has temperature regulation issues though too.  We did turn on the heat.  Later that day, the kids complained it was too hot.  You can't win.  

this is Nik's idea of getting ready for church.  Shirt on backwards and playing around in Bojan's wheelchair.  Nice.  Real nice.  Yana is petting Bear in the background.  He's not doing so well.  CAlling the vet tomorrow, Friday.  We're not sure he'll make it till Christmas.  I really HATE this.  I HATE it very much.  We lost our last dog two years ago in November.  He was "my" dog since college.  Hate that feeling.  He cried in pain tonight walking to the door.  We can't watch him in pain for much longer.  It's not fair to Bear.  Calling the vet tomorrow and asking what they might be able to do for pain.  We fear his time is drawing near.  I can barely write that.  Every time I leave the door I say "Bye Bear, you be a good boy.  Mommy loves you, we'll be back."  Every time.  So much so, now the "littles" say "you be good boy Bear.  We love you.  Be back soon."  Hurts, it really hurts and we haven't even made a decision yet.  Just know it feels all too familiar to how it was with Aspen.  

More to come tomorrow.  Kids have off school.  Social worker will be here.  House is a mess.  I give up.  Adoption event this evening was nice.  Nice to connect w/ other families.  Max is driving tomorrow for Driver's Ed.  Need to get going.  Enjoy your evening. 

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