Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bojan post surgery update

You know, this kid can never be cut & dry with things, can he?  Alright, Warren took off today to take Bojan to Duke for the removal of the cast from his ortho surgery a few months back.  They were very surprised when they took the cast off.  As soon as they took the cast off, Bojan's leg swelled up big and turned purple!  then, it starts bleeding.  Yes, his leg swelled up so much it literally popped!  The surgeon was concerned as that is very unusual apparently after all this heal time.  X-rays were okay so that was good.  Bojan will definitely need another surgery & though they were thinking a month after this one, we are all waiting.  We want him to heal from all this and get to walking again before we have him wheelchair bound again.  Plus, with travel impending (fingers all crossed here), we feel a surgery in the midst of adoption is just not a good idea right now.  Surgeon agreed waiting till maybe February or March would be just fine.  Relief.  For us and Bojan.  Anyhow, cast is off, he's all bandaged up b/c of the bleeding and a brace is on the foot as well.  He has a walker but surgeon wants him in a wheelchair & the next few days it's vital to have the leg elevated.  The turning purple thing apparently scared everyone a bit.  So, wheelchair for at least another two weeks....bummer.  Bojan is disappointed but happy the big cast is off.  His next surgery will have a full length cast we are told.  Good news is he can bathe.  Wahoo!  Clean leg finally.  Warren was told to watch things.  We will tonight but want nothing out of the ordinary to happen.  Please, nothing happen.  LOL.  Those who followed his surgery know that the unusual tends to happen in this house.  I'll post pics in another post. 

Now, other items on the agenda today.  Called and sorted out all kinds of medical bills I keep getting.  All taken care of thank goodness.  I will not get into politics too much on this blog b/c 1) I hate politics & 2) people get really opinionated when it comes to such topics.  I will say this though, due to that new healthcare bill, our insurance in the new year will double.  Our copays are all going up w/ regular docs & specialists.  For us, it means a HUGE increase.  Our kids go to a ton of specialists & this will really take away a lot.  Hate it and that's all I'm going to say about that topic. 

Warren just got home, the "littles" left, waiting for speech therapist and Warren just took Irina to sign more papers at the lawyers office.  busy.  Social worker is working on our homestudy addendum for Irina's Supplemental I form.  Just very ready to go.  May have guests the first weekend in December.  Have to wait and see though.  Everything is happening like lightening speed around here.  Warren was up till 1:30 fixing yet another leak of ours.  Poor guy.  So far, he has fixed 2 leaking sinks and a hole in water pipes in our bathroom wall.  Crazy, huh?  Much more to say but need to get my kids ready for bed.  It's almost 8.  I know, I start & stop these posts sometimes so that's why they may be so jumpy at times.  Missed our FAS support group meeting as Alex was throwing up all morning.  Nice, huh?  He's fine now thank goodness.  Enjoy your week. 

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