Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bojan post surgery pics

Thought I'd share some post surgery pics for those who are going through the same type of thing right now.  They are graphic so there's you're warning. 

This is Bojan from last night before he had his cast cut off today.  His prosthetic is WAY too small.  BTW, he is now taller than Irina!  She's not happy but he is.  He grew that much in the last two months in that chair.  It's so weird seeing him upright lately.  One day, I will take a photo & the kitchen counters will not be cluttered.  

This is Bojan right after he got home.  He has that look of being sore on his face.  Was told to keep it elevated for the next few days.  

Bojan trying to walk with the walker.  I swear he looks like a giant since out of that chair.  Nik is observing cautiously.  

This is a side view of his foot.  He likes it b/c it has a "Harry Potter" scar.  Notice the swelling??

Another view.  Those two holes that are bleeding are from where his leg literally popped open.  Stitches were pulled so tight.  He had very, very little usable skin to work with during the surgery.  

Why there is toilet paper on the floor, I'll never know.  Nor will I understand why Nik's plaid shorts are laying there from yesterday.  URGHH!!!  I also notice from this picture my son took the nice white towel to clean the blood off his leg.  Boys.  Anyhow, this is Bojan's leg now.  Can you see why another surgery is in order?  The knee is straight up.  The rest of the leg is turned outward.  The bones will next need to be rotated as his previous surgeon did not do such good work.  Many of you may remember Alyona's botched surgery job.  Well, this was the same guy.  So, the surgeon at Duke is going to fix this issue next.  We agreed to wait until spring.  Originally, it was going to be about a month after this one.  Glad it's not.  

Well, those are the gross post surgery pictures.  Next set of pictures will have to pretty, right?  LOL.  Can't wait to see Bojan run again!  Still in the wheelchair a bit longer.  I don't need surgery which was great news.  Irina is going to need another major sinus/ nose surgery.  Not sure when to do that though.  More to come tomorrow. 

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  1. Ouch!
    That swelling looks painful! Hope it resolves quickly and he is back on his way again soon!