Monday, October 11, 2010

Yana's 15th Birthday (late)

I know, I know, her birthday was the 22nd and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures.  I did not get hardly any pictures as well, she's a teenager.  Hanging out w/ friends so mom & dad are not too much in the picture on a birthday.  LOL.  So here goes. 

On her actual birthday, the 22nd, we had a cake for those at home.  Well, no one could wait till after dinner so after school whatever kids were here sang happy Birthday and had cake.  

I thought this picture was cute.  One of the "littles" was trying to blow out the candles.  So, Alyona covered her mouth until Yana could blow them out.  Don't even ask why there are cookies on the table.  Guessing my kids thought what's cake w/out cookies.  LOL.  

This is Yana getting ready to open a present she got from Nana (my mom).  All the kids (& a few "extras) are anxiously waiting to see what's inside.  One day, I will get rid of that roaster on the floor.  I'm actually tired of seeing it in every picture.  

Yana pulling out her gift.  I think she's getting exciting.  

Yana with her new running shoes.  She loves them and definitely something she can use.  She also got a nice sweatshirt and socks from Nana as well.  The younger kids were wondering why there were no toys in there.  LOL.  

Yana really did enjoy her day of celebration.  Remember, for the first 8.5 years of her life, it was not celebrated.  The above pictures were just from her actual birthday.  For her party, she had some friends over and we then went to Pizza Inn.  She and her friends sat a ways a way from us flirting w/ some boys.  Typical for 15 & 16yo's.  There happened to be a group of boys from some sports team sitting right next to them.  Afterwards, we all headed to Walmart and she picked out snacks and her own movie.  Girls had a slumber party and then a big breakfast.  That was the day we had 17 kids here.  It was a controlled chaos though.  If there is such a thing.  All in all, I think she had a great 15th birthday.  Again, not really too many pics from her party b/c who wants a mom coming to the table w/ a bunch of girl teens and take a picture?  LOL.  Did Nik's birthday and posted pics.  Next birthday up is Irina's.  She just wants us all to go out to a next family dinner.  I can do that!  And, she wants a guinea pig.  Umm, still thinking about the guinea pig.  Enjoy your week everyone. 

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