Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to do if...

you witness an accident w/ a van full of kids.  A few weekends ago we were on our way to Peacehaven, a community farm.  We were running late.  I know you all are thinking to yourselves, surprise, surprise.  We stopped off to get some things to eat and a new cake.  The old one was  a nightmare.  So, loaded back up and on our way.  Warren decides to wave a tow truck in our lane as we know how hard it is for a big vehicle on this road to get into traffic.  Waves him in and the truck overshoots.  Wham, right in front of us.  No one hurt, typical fender bender w/ a little more damage as these were bigger vehicles.  Tried to explain to the kids what had happened as we knew we would now never make Peacehaven in time.  Now, this was a non-emergency accident.  So, people called the police & they told us they'd be here soon.  Umm, over an hour later as they were at an injury accident.   Understand but the 7 kids in the back did not quite get that.  So, we all tried to pass the time. 

Fortunately, while at the grocery store, for some reason I decided to pick up a bag of apples.  This was step one to occupy time...eating apples.  We are parked, it's 95 outside and all are trying to stay busy.  

Another shot of what you do while you wait...nothing.  Glad we also picked up water at the grocery store while there.  We waited till we got warm and then put the air on for a little while.

What would a wait in 95 degree heat be w/out a little drama from some of our FASers?  Alex is sitting by himself right now where he can be seen.  Patience is not their strong point though we try.  

Alyona and Max waiting outside the van for a bit.  Max was admiring the tires so he could draw them later.  The lady from the tow truck even gave him paper and a pen to draw w/ . She was very sweet.  Found out later she was adopted too.   When we left she told us we were angels for doing what we do.  We have to disagree.  We are by far not angels.  Anyone could adopt.  Well, maybe not anyone.  But those who can should.  I could really do a whole post on the comments we get sometimes and I'm sure other adoptive parents get all the time.  For us,we adopt b/c we feel that these are the children we were meant to have.  Faith and fate intertwined.  Okay, can't get into all this or this post will be non-ending.  I will do a post on adoption comments though one day.  Just think it's interesting that even in an accident, we connect w/ someone who has a connection to the spirit of adoption.  

If you think it's hard for 7 kids to wait patiently in a hot car for over an hour and 15 minutes, try 7 special needs kids & 6 of them FASers.  That is a test of a parent's patience for sure!  Those of you who have children w/ FAS know exactly what in the world I am talking about.  But, we survived and w/ only very minor issues.  Sooo, for being so good, not complaining that we weren't going to the farm to work(keep in mind, transitions don't sit well w/ kids w/ FAS), and not doing anything stupid, we decided to surprise them on the way home with Wendy's Frosty's.  I think they were pleased w/ the outcome, don't you?  We love Wendy's b/c they support adoption.  Right now, you can pick up 10 jr. Frosty coupons for just a $1.  Go support adoption if you can and get a wonderful creamy treat.  

BTW, if my kids are ever interviewed in an accident after it happens, we're in trouble.  LOL.  Each and every single one had a different answer as to what happened in front of us.  I have many more posts to catch up on and will eventually.  I have some good news on Max's school situation!  Will explain tomorrow.  Got to get a few more kids in bed. 

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