Tuesday, October 26, 2010

USCIS, dentist & surgery needed

I'm sure you can gather from the title it has been beyond a busy day.  Alright, I'll start from the beginning this morning.  It was raining outside.  Rain + commuters = accidents galore.  Put it this way, we had to travel 35 miles to get to the immigration office here.  Normally, that would take us 30 minutes from here to Durham.  Umm, not today.  Warren clicked on the average gas mileage button and we were averaging 11 miles an hour.  Yep, no way I was making that 8am appointment for my prints and was just hoping and praying they'd have mercy on me, not be crowded and let me go on anyhow.  Oh, before we left, it was like herding cats.  Picture day at school.  And, even though I never buy them (too expensive), I at least like my kids to look decent.  Alyona, Bojan, and Nik...check.  Alex...URGHH!!!  I gave up on what he looked like at that point and decided as long as it wasn't a bathing suit, we'd be alright.  Did I mention Nik had a field trip today too?  Got them semi-ready and we had to head out the door to give ourselves plenty of time.  Hour and a half later, we got to UCIS. 

Enter into the building.  Quiet, nice and new.  No, our children could never be allowed in there.  LOL.  The lady at security checked my passport and said, this isn't you, person on here is much younger.  She was dead serious.  I said, oh no, did I grab the kids' passports?!  She busted out laughing.  She was kidding.  The guy beside her said one day she's going to do that & the person is going to have a heart attack.  I think I almost did.  They were gracious enough to take me even though 30 minutes late.  Got in and out and we were on our way.  Only 30 minutes to get home.  Max had to stay behind.  Well, one of my "littles" was playing tic tac toe w/ him when I got home.  Told her mom there'd be about 30 minutes between the time she was dropped off & the time I got home.  Right on the money w/ that one.  Loaded her & Max up and went to pick up Alex from school.  Next stop...dentist.  I took the "little" shopping while Warren waited w/ the boys at the dentist.  No cavities...hooray!!!!  Since it was Alex's lunch time at school anyhow, we decided to go to Chick Filet.  Very tasty on such a busy day.  Let the kids play on the playground.  Took Alex back to school and then went to pick up one of the "littles" from preschool.  Came home, got items, went to the bank then and the doc office to drop off request for all the medical redo stuff. 

After all that, on my way to the ortho doc.  This time, just 2 in tow.  Ortho doc said his guess is a pretty positive test for a torn meniscus for me in my knee.  Lovely.  X-rays were clean which is great...no arthritis.  However, MRI is being scheduled immediately.  He wants me seen 2 days after the MRI to discuss.  I asked him and he said most likely treatment is surgery to scope it out.  Yes, can you see all this happening w/ travel to Bulgaria?  Are you thinking what I'm thinking??  That is going to be one long airplane ride.  LOL.  We're discussing options and timing of surgery once we know for sure it is a torn meniscus.  He seems pretty confident though.  No cardio I was told though I stopped that two weeks ago due to the pain.  Now I know why I had the pain.  Warren is now going to pay a bill.  Poor guy takes a vacation day but it was anything but a vacation.  Speech therapist will be here any minute.  AFter that, I think a nice relaxing dinner is in order.  So, so much to do yet but after a day like today, need a break.  That was my day.  Nothing special but let's just say I'm glad it's not Groundhog Day.  Enjoy your week.  Part II of the farm trip coming at some point in time.  Playing catch up right now.  Have to take Nik tonight for a shot  that he was supposed to have awhile back.  For his ear.  Can  I take a nap now?  Hey, I have nothing on tap for tomorrow but Thursday & Friday are just as busy.  Thank goodness I'm still allowed walking.  No running, no cardio, just walking.  No weight bearing activities I'm told.  Please, no more surgeries for awhile.  We're not going to do any Irina sinus surgery stuff until spring. 

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