Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I thought it was high time I got back to doing my thoughtful Thursday posts.  For those of you new, I do this as I think it is imperative as an FAS parent to find at least one good thing each child does every single week.  Our kids are used to getting redirected, in trouble for lack of cause & effect thinking, etc. that they also need to hear the good to balance it out.  I usually do one specific thing that each child does.  However, with this past chaotic week, I did not have the opportunity to pay as much attention.  What I can say though is that I witnessed an incredible amount of caring and compassion this week. 

All the kids were upset b/c Bojan would not be able to eat at the table with us.  See, we have a large pub style table so it sits up really high.  They were all concerned that Bojan couldn't join them.  So, since his bed is in the dining room until all this is over, they decided to join him on the bed.  We made them take turns as to not have them all on there & bumping his leg.  Don't ask why Ms. Priss is in a nice dress eating chili of all things.  

This week they have been there whenever Bojan needed anything.  Max was so afraid Bojan would wake up in the middle of the night & we wouldn't hear him, that the first 2 days after surgery, Max slept curled up in this little ball on the recliner.  Not a comfortable bed for sure.  Every single child of ours has done all they can for Bojan and met every one of his needs.  Amazing.  Also, very refreshing to see.  Makes me proud.  Means maybe we did indeed teach them something.  Who knows.  All I know is they were all extremely thoughtful this week.  Bojan was thoughtful as all he wanted to do was help us with the party.  I let him blow up balloons as that was about all he could do.  He was just concerned about Nik having a good time since it was Nik's day.  Again, a thoughtful thing to do...think of someone else when you yourself just had surgery.  

That was my thoughtful Thursday and I promise to keep up with those again.  Now, onto homework and dinner stuff.  Max is all out of whack and falling asleep.  In the midst of this past week of chaos, I had forgotten to refill Max's script.  You can not auto refill it either as it is a class 2 narcotic.  Lovely.  So, onto calling the neuro tomorrow and begging for an immediate script.  See, last month we took the 3 month script into be filled and they refused to do the 3 month and only filled it for a month.  Bummer.  Now, he's all out whack.  Haven't forgotten a script for quite awhile.  Just was not good timing.  It will all work out.  Another IEP meeting scheduled and I will update school happenings soon.  Some awesome things and some not so awesome.  Enjoy your week and much more to come on here. 

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