Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday (angels among us)

I know I usually do something on my kids but thought I'd do something different for this week.  This month has been hard.  Not going to lie to you all.  It's been tough between surgeries, recoveries, adoption stuff, immigration stuff w/ Max & Irina, school situations, deciding to move(after the adoption), Bear possibly having a stroke, and the list could continue if I let it.  Everyone in life has ups and downs.  This has not been our greatest month but we've had many little moments to shine through.  There have truly been angels among us.   Some of those angels came from Nik's class this year.  They knew he was getting surgery so they decided to come over and cook us dinner the day after surgery!  Now, truly, I did not think I needed this.  However, I realized I was much more tired than originally anticipated and appreciated the help more than they'll ever know. 

they made us spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, salad & dessert to go with it all.  We even had the pleasure of two of the ladies & their kids staying for dinner.  It really was nice to have company and be treated to a great meal after a long week.  Thanks so much to Mrs. Clark's first grade class.  They rock!  Very compassionate group of people for sure.  Quite a thoughtful act.

We had even more angels from Nik's class.  They knew he'd be out for a couple of days.  So, they sent him a care package to keep him busy at home.

Do you think he's excited about his package??  So many goodies and such thinking amongst the people who put it together.  Not only snacks but puzzles, markers, coloring books, etc.  Lots to keep a little boy busy.  The necklace he is sporting is something I let the "littles" and Nik make.  had to keep 5 kids busy during the day while keeping all inside.  Yes, the package came at the right time.  LOL.  Nik was so sweet as he opened the package he saw caprisuns.  Well, he took one and immediately gave the rest to the "littles."  No hesitation whatsoever about sharing.  Very thoughtful kid.  

His classmates gave him well wishes and even drew pictures.  Very sweet.

Nik was really enjoying all the goodies he received from his class.  Once again, some angels among us.  BTW, I love that song!-- "Angels Among Us."  Just had to share a little of this joy on this thoughtful Thursday.  So happy Nik is in such a welcoming and caring classroom.  

Lots to do today and much to catch up on.  A few posts I've started and stopped.  Will get to things when I can.  Chaos Manor is beyond busy right now.  2 parties this weekend we're all attending, a Fear Farm visit for the teens and Warren, church, youth group, play rehearsal, house repairs, and weekend clean up.  Hoping things will slow down a bit in November.  Have a feeling that's a dream but we'll see.  Enjoy your day everyone.  It's beautiful out.  No matter where you are, remember " This is the day that the Lord hath made, let's rejoice and be glad in it."  Some days, it's hard to find the good in the day.  Yet, I feel everyday has a tad bit of good in it.  You just have to look really hard some times to find it.  Especially, amist chaos.  -- more on this a bit later too. 

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