Saturday, October 2, 2010

Surgical Update #9

It's 11 o'clock in the morning.  Bojan finally, finally has color back in his face.  He hasn't thrown up for a few hours and even ate a banana and crackers.  Progress for sure.  He's talking normally and feels great he says.  A little help from drugs, I'm sure.  LOL.  Alex only had one meltdown this morning so that is a bit under control.  IRina and I went to Dollar Tree w/ Nik and picked up balloons for the party and something to do a craft with.  He was driving me nuts w/ excitement so dropped him off here and ready to head back out.  Thanks for all the well wishes and very happy that Bojan is starting the road to recovery.  That is the up news and that is great.  Bad news is I came home and Warren told me he thinks Bear may have had a stroke.  He seems okay now but I don't want to go through anything like that right now.  We love Bear to pieces.  Again, only speculation at this time.  Bear seems normal right now.  Bear is 13 years old and our one and only dog.  We lost Aspen 2 years ago after he had a seizure and fell off the deck.  He had been going down hill for awhile.  Bear is covered in tumors but vet said that's not a big deal for an old dog.  Bear loves laying outside and all the kids that visit this home love him too.  Hoping & praying it wasn't a stroke.  More updates later.  Again, Bojan is doing well.  Pictures later today.

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