Saturday, October 2, 2010

Surgical Update #8 ( New Day)

Well, I think it's a new day.  Everything has blended together.  He went to bed around 1, as did we. Got up at 5am, as did we.  Right now he's resting w/ oxycodone.  Max slept on the recliner all last night in a ball.  We have to carry Bojan (90lbs.) from the wheelchair every time he wants to go the bathroom.  Our home is not wheelchair accessible.  I honestly don't know how I'm going to do that by myself on Monday but I'll figure out something. 

I want to say something if you all don't mind.   The surgery itself went beautifully.   His surgeon, Dr. Fitch, did way more than expected and that was an awesome thing as now he will not need an amputation in the future!  The trouble at Duke had nothing to do w/ the surgeons at all.  I want to make sure I make that clear b/c I don't want any negativity surrounding the surgeon himself.  Extremely pleased w/ that.  It's what all happened after surgery.  I think doctors do need to understand that parents DO know what they are talking about some times w/ their kids.  It's like w/ one of Alyona's surgeries years ago when I said she's not breathing right.  She's fine, you're just worried. Went home & back to ER.  Her airway was swelling shut.  Bojan reacts horribly to anesthesia.  And though everything worked out in the end, I think it could have been handled a little differently and we wouldn't have had to go to the ER.  Just trying to figure out how to get him in the car is a trick.  They can't use the van as it's too high.  Warren's car, well, the doors do not open fully so very hard to get him in.  Took 3 of us to do.  All of it could have been avoided.  All the trauma, all the pain Bojan was going through, all the exhaustion could have been avoided.  The doctor (not his surgeon, he doesn't even know) on call did apologize profusely and started talking about how Duke doesn't normally do this, etc.  I said I understand totally that YOU were busy in a trauma.  What I don't understand is how they couldn't have passed off the script duty to someone else.  Or how they could have given us a "just in case" script like they do at Wakemed & UNC.  Anyhow, it' s over, it's the last I'm going to talk about it.  Bojan is safe and resting comfortably.  That's what counts.

Bojan is doing okay this morning.  It's  a new day and we will treat it as such here.  I"m getting ready to make everyone breakfast, go shopping and then get ready for Nik's party.  We're all exhausted for sure.   The other kids have seemed to returned to normal now that Bojan is okay.  My sister in-law even stopped by late last night to see if we needed help.  Very sweet of her.  We distracted them w/ a movie.  Frankly, I can't even remember what I made for dinner.  Oh, chicken.  One surgery down.  Bojan will need another surgery to correct some previous work done by another surgeon who will remain nameless.  However, those who known us for years, know what happened to Alyona and her permanent damage in her arm now.  I feel bad Bojan will need another surgery but so, so happy that his leg will be able to move finally.  That is just awesome.  Again, thank you Dr. Fitch & your team.  They were great!  Bojan doesn't even know the good news that he'll be able to actually move this foot again & RUN!!!  Flexion is important when running you know.  Something he did not have before.  He'll be thrilled.  Need to go.  Will post more later.  Since Bojan is stable and asleep, we are concentrating on making this a "Nik Day."  Bojan will be zonked out most of the day we are told anyhow due to all that happened yesterday and all the heavy drugs he is on.  That' s fine, he needs the sleep.  Great to see him sleeping peacefully and not doubled over in pain.   Alex's stomach is okay this morning.  Alyona is not happy b/c well, that stupid mouse did not come and leave her money under her pillow.  Despite windows being opened.  I know mentally she's about 4 but she is 11.  Time to do away w/ toothfairy mouse.  Can't though.  She's just too cute when she tells the story to people.  LOL.  So, mom is more coherent today, mouse will come tonight and deliver a surprise.  Off to plan for a party. 

Enjoy your weekend.  We are going nowhere whatsoever.  Kids have all been great showering bojan w/ kindness and love.  They have also been taking turns taking care of Alex & Nik in their times of despair during this process.  Please continue to think positive thoughts for Bojan and healing prayers.  I do believe calm has returned for the others.  Now, remember, we have to do this again in 11 days for Nik.  He doesn't react as severe as Bojan but the ones w/ PTSD do.  More news on the adoption front and get to it all later.  Priority is recover for Bojan and Nik's birthday.  More to come.

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