Friday, October 1, 2010

Surgical Update #7 (ER Update)

I realized I skipped # 6 on the last post due to urgency.  Back to #7 now.  Warren just called from the hospital.  (not Duke this time).  Bojan is resting comfortably right now.  he had many wretching episodes while at the hospital and in pain.  They gave him stuff right away.  Took Warren longer to get him in the ER from the car than it did to get seen.  He went to a satellite ER here.  They are great from what I hear.  Max went w/ Warren to help out.  I stayed here.  Was going to go but w/ Bojan going back to the hospital and Alex & Nik watching out the window like sick sobbing puppies, it was best for me to stay here w/ them and take care of that for awhile.  They're okay now. 

The plan is for Bojan NOT to stay the night there and return home. It's now 10:31 here at night.  They should be released soon and headed home.  Warren and I will then head to the all night pharmacy.  Me to keep him awake while driving.  I have night blindness and can not drive at night.  Others will go to bed once Bojan is home.  Otherwise, they won't sleep.  House will have to be as is.  We have Bojan's bed set up in the dining room now.   I'm so mad at Duke right now I'd like to spit fire.  Really, if you say the kid has bad reactions to anesthesia, do you think we're exaggerating?  I just don't get it.  They could have had a script ready just in case to use if we need it. That is what Wakemed does.  Doc on call finally called us back...a few minutes after Warren left for the ER.  I told doc I was very disappointed.  I understand they had a trauma but they could have had a nurse call in the script as we were in an emergency situation here and they knew it.  I made that abundantly clear.  Even mentioned the severe PTSD reactions that were going on in the house w/ the other kids.  I'm ready for this day to be over with and move on to tomorrow.  Just wanted to update real quick.  Bojan will be fine.  They gave him great drugs Warren said.  They are going to set him up tonight so that he should sleep for the whole night.  Poor kid looked SO sick.  I have not seen anyone that white.  Just ghostly white.  Very sickly looking when he left.  Great choice not to wait on the on call doc's return call.   Bojan just wouldn't have made it another minute like that and he was past the point where oral drugs could help. He needed intravenous help at that point.  Thanks for caring.  I will update in the morning of how he is.  Need to get up & get ready for tomorrow.  Good night.  Though, I doubt I'll be sleeping this evening.  Oh, Alex is doing okay w/ his stomach.  Got to go.  Nik's acting up again.  Sad thing is we are doing this again in about 11 days. 

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