Friday, October 1, 2010

Surgical Update #4 (Home w/ issues)

Well, Bojan did make it home but we have some issues.  He has not stopped vomiting since we left the hospital.  On hold now w/ Duke 13 minutes now to see what to do next.  Guessing a new script for anti nausea.  Usually, we have phennergan or another one handy.  All those "spares" are gone.  After we get confirmation they can call it in, off to Walgreens for meds.  I still can't give him pain meds until I get the nausea under control.  Can we say rough night ahead?  And in case you're wondering, no, I haven't gotten anything for the party yet.  Will do in the morning.  Focus...Bojan. 

Other issues right now are with some of our PTSD kiddos.  Irina has seemed to have stabilized out once Bojan got home but now she's panic stricken due to the continued vomiting issue.  Alex and Nik literally fell apart sobbing like crazy as soon as bojan got in the house.  So, some of us were trying to get Bojan settled in, Yana was taking care of Alex and I was taking care of Nik.  Nik and Alex were a mess.  It was a horrible scene.  Alex is afraid when someone gets cut open.  Nik is finally coming to grips w/ his surgery.  He was upset that his surgery isn't soon and then upset b/c he's getting surgery.  URGGH!!!  Can't win for losing. 

I have a call into Duke.  Doc's not responding to page lady said.  They have moved it onto another doc so that we can get a script.  She said she has put it in as an emergency urgent request.  Told her call me ASAP.  He has not stopped vomiting and is dry heaving severely.  If he does not stop, we will be ER bound.  Lovely.  In addition, I can't give him the pain meds right now.  Everything is coming up.  Trying to keep him hydrated.  Wanting docs to call back at the very least.  Don't give me a stupid emergency # if I can't get a hold of you.  This was a great surgeon but the discharge #'s to call need to be able to help a patient.  Neither here nor there right now.  Just thought I'd ask for some thoughts and prayers for Bojan for some healing if you don't mind.  And, a sense of calm for the other children that this is having an effect on. 

Thanks for thinking of him.  Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully, next update will be good news.  Right now, I have him hooked up to video games.  It's like morphine I swear.  LOL.  It's not going to last long b/c his pain is intense we're told.  Got to go.  Max is having a meltdown and need to make a cake.  For now, we have bojan on that video morphine that I hope will last at least till we can get him non-nauseated.  Continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated at this time.  And someone remind me to leave the windows open for that stupid tooth fairy mouse!  I'm bound to forget.

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  1. Oh my!!! I know how he feels!! Sometimes I would get admitted after going home after surgery! I will pray for Bojan and your whole family! Wished I lived closer and I would be glad and happy to pitch in!! Hang in there!!