Friday, October 1, 2010

Surgical Update #3 (DISCHARGE!!!)

Blessings abound!  Bojan was just discharged.  Pretty doped up as pain is severe but still able to come home so very thankful for that.  Expect them home after 6pm tonight.  Wahoo!!!  Wheelchair was loaned to us from the church and brought over.  Thanks a bunch Pam!  What a blessing to not have to worry about having a script to go get a chair for temporary use.  Kids here seem to be doing okay which is wonderful.  Having beyond massive school issues, yes even today, but that's a whole other post for another day.  Kid was bullying Max as the PRINCIPAL walked by and did...NOTHING.  BTW, this is the same exact kid that harassed Max last year and makes fun of him being Russian.  As soon as Bojan is back at school, I will be up at Cleveland High School.  Again, another day. 

Focus is solely Bojan and told the kids they couldn't talk about what all happened at the schools today w/ Dad or Bojan.  So, they are going to talk about Nik's party.  Nik, btw, is beyond excited.  Can't wait!  Warren gets home, I'm going to Walmart and some other places for party supplies and some very potent pain killers for Bojan. 

I think that's it for now.  I put BBQ chicken in the oven.  Having that, steamed veggies and rice.  Simple meal tonight for sure.  Never did get the chance to call the roofer.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is a new day. 

Oh, another great blessing...Warren does not have to work tomorrow.  Wahoo!!!  Thank you very much SAS.  Helps us out immensely.  They postponed what they are doing since they weren't sure Warren would be staying over night or not.  Turning out to be a sunny day indeed here at Chaos Manor.  Kids have settled down quite a bit now that they know Bojan is on his way home.  Relieved. Thanks for all the support.  Next few days & nights are going to be rough for us all for sure but we will manage.  Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers for our son during his surgery.  Many have checked on him today.  Means a lot to us.  Have to go.  Clearing pathways for Bojan and I do have to kick it into gear for party stuff at some point.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  BTW, all Bojan's follow up appointments are coinciding w/ Nik's surgery stuff. 

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