Friday, October 1, 2010

Surgical Update #2

Okay, Bojan is out of surgery.  It took much longer than originally thought & surgeon did a whole lot more work on Bojan than originally anticipated.  He is very pleased w/ the work he did.  Bojan should have much more mobility w/ this foot now and not be in a locked position.  He loosened up a bunch of ligaments.  He moved bone out of the way and rotated a few things as well.  LOTS of work done.  So much so, that the idea of coming home may not happen.  Surgeon said Bojan will be in alot of pain for sure.  So, thoughts of him going to school on Monday are most likely out of the question.  This surgeon corrected some previous work.  B/c of said previous work, Bojan will most likely require another surgery after this one.  Something totally unexpected.  Remember, this previous work was done by the same person who botched up Alyona's arm.  So, maybe a good thing we sought out another opinion.  Took us awhile to find someone who would do the work Bojan required but I think it has worked out.  Warren will explain more details once home whether that is this evening or tomorrow is yet to be seen.  Right now, prayers appreciated for a speedy recovery and not so much pain for our poor guy.  More to come later on once he's home.  Now, time to put 2 kiddos down for a nap & call the roofers.  Thanks for all the support.  If you want to stop by and say hello this weekend, I'm sure Bojan would love to take his mind off the pain.  I'm expecting them at this point to stay overnight.  Surgery itself was over 2 hours.  Quite awhile.  Time to get more done and teens will be home in an hour.  They are going to hopefully help me clean up a bit and get Bojan a bed ready. 

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  1. Praying for Bojan and your family! Hope he feels better soon!