Monday, October 4, 2010

Surgical Update #10 (final update)

Thanks so much for all the well wishes this past weekend. It really did mean a lot to us.  A couple of Bojan's friends have even visited over the last few days. Nice.  Bojan is feeling better.  Today was a no pain med day so we are great.  This past weekend was indeed rough but we all made it through.  Warren worked from home today which helped.  Well, that was until Warren fell while taking Bojan down the stairs in the wheelchair.  I came around the corner & honestly didn't know who to pick up first until Warren mumbled Bojan.  Bojan was upside down in his wheelchair w/ leg up in the air.  Warren was face down on the side walk all scratched up and bruised.  Both are fine now, just sore.  We hadn't had the chance yet to build the ramp we needed.  Hopefully, soon.  I'm still questioning how in the world I'm going to get him in the van after school tomorrow.  Have to do it until the bus is ready.  Do they know when it will be ready?  No.  So, we wait. 

Bojan goes back Oct. 12th to see how he's doing.  Can't wait to hear.  Well, I need to get going.  Much going on this evening as far as signing various papers for the schools.  Alyona just told on Nik so better go see.  More coming soon. 

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