Friday, October 1, 2010

Surgical Update #1

Bojan was wheeled back to surgery about 10 o'clock this morning.  Surgery time is scheduled for an hour and a half worth of work. Got news early this morning that he will have a cast up to the knee and then a knee immobilizer for a few days.  Phew!  So happy it's not going to be the full length cast this time.  He is indeed wheelchair bound for quite a few weeks.  Hospital will give us a script for the wheelchair but we have no idea as of yet where to get one.  Working on that.  Mean time, a wonderful lady from the church stopped by to visit Bojan this morning.  They are giving us a loaner wheelchair from the church until we can get the other one.  Fantastic!  Solves one problem.  Max will disassemble the bed after school & reassemble in the dining room.  I'll go w/ Irina to Walmart for party supplies while this is happening.  With 4 "littles" with me, I want backup so that I can think more clearly on the supplies.  Irina will help w/ that.  Other than that,I think we're going right along.  Just keep swimming.  Rain has stopped.  Thank God!  Calling a roofer after lunch and getting that in the works to get some more quotes. 

This was last night before he went to bed.  Had some homemade potato soup for dinner w/ bread.  Kids ate it right up and one of Yana's friends stayed for dinner too.  I think this picture says it all.  Bojan getting some last goofing off in and Alex holding on tight .  

That's the latest update.  No pics from the hospital.  I rarely ever take a picture in the hospital.  Just something we don't really like to do as concentrating on the kids more.  If we're there for extended stays than yes as the kids like playing w/the camera.  Anyhow, keep you posted when Bojan gets out of surgery and let you know how it goes. 

Back to work for me.  Enjoy your day. 

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