Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Surgery pics (part II)

thought I'd finish posting the last set of surgery pics when we were home.  Left off w/ how we get Max to go into a calm state.  Onto some more items.

This is Nik after he had started to melt down.  He doesn't like anyone seeing him cry so he always hides behind or under a blanket.  Red spot on his hand is just a misquito bite.  

Alex is slowly calming down.  It takes him awhile.  The tears just don't seem to stop flowing once he gets started in one of his episodes.  Kids w/ PTSD react differently.  Alex gets deeply saddened at the thought of someone getting hurt.  He's afraid they will die.   The joke in that card from yana & Max did NOT help matters.  URGHH.  Why I didn't proofread like I usually do, I'll never know.  

Once Bojan was home from the ER, Irina perked right back up.  She knew everything would be okay and mellowed out from there.

This is Alex that evening returning to his old self.  Took some time but we finally got there.  

Hey, if wrestling to get the laundry to the washer helps get them out of their rut, let them do it.  Seriously.  We were all up late last weekend trying to process everything so rules were not all the best.  Sometimes, you just have to let them let loose and hope it helps w/ the situation at hand.  It did.

Really has nothing to do w/ PTSD or RAD or anything else.  Just thought it was a cute picture.  Nik's at it again this time w/ pretzels.  Hey, at least they're smiling this time!  This was more like the minute rule rather than the ten second rule.  

All in all, we survived the surgery and all the drama and chaos that comes w/ it when you have a house full w/ past traumas.  This weekend we have nothing planned and for good reason.  We need a break.  Not only that, the girls' room has to be done.  The following week though we have Nik's surgery.  That should go smoother than Bojan's surgery did.  Not only that, I'm hoping we don't have the drama from my kids w/ PTSD.  We're trying to prep everyone now as to not have to worry about it.  YOu just never know w/ some of these disorders how things will turn out. I think that is one of the harder things for parents w/ kids w/ mental health disorders.  You just don't know what may happen next in a situation.  Nothing you can do usually to prevent it.  You can try.  Staying calm through whatever arises is critical.  You somewhat have to detach yourself what they are going through.  Hope that made sense.  

Got to run.  Lots to get done & have to pick up Bojan.  Bus still isn't ready for school.  Maybe tomorrow.

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