Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday (part FAS/ part fun)

The reason I throw things out every once in awhile about FAS, is because it is part of our daily life.  I'm hoping that others can see you can live with FAS, and still live a normal life.  It may just have a few bumps in that life.  Little quirky things that happen.  But, in the grand scheme of things, you learn to parent FAS children just as you would other children with disabilities.  Find what works for you.  And know, what worked for one FAS family, may not work for another as each of the kids is so different in the way they are affected.  Anyhow, we had one of those FAS days on Sunday morning.  No one wanted to wake up.  No one.  But, had to drag them out of bed anyways.  This is what my son wore:

This was what Nik was going to wear to church. Yes, I made him change.  Still was upset w/ Yana's attire.  I swear if it's not painted on, she doesn't want to wear it.  URGHH!!!  Drives me insane.  Oh, then there was the lying in the morning.  Most annoying part of an FAS child by far.  Someone had pulled my rolls of film & exposed them all.  Lovely.  Told everyone no party later that night till I got the truth.  Still no takers.  My face must be beat red by now b/c my blood was boiling at that point.  Fine.  Got ready to get in the car.  We tried to hurry up but the wheelchair is rather slowing.  Remember, our house nor vehicles are not designed for one so takes some thought to fit it all in.  Everyone actually made it in the car.  Later, after Warren puts things into perspective w/ a nice little lecture on truth telling and how you can make a mistake at something you did but should tell the truth about it... one confessed.  It was Max.  Knew it was from the get go.  Usually, I'm pretty good at knowing who did what just by their "mo."

I told them be super quiet when we enter the church as we're the last ones there.  9 people come into a small church, someone is bound to notice.  LOL.  Pew was empty and we actually were all able to sit together which was nice.  Our pastor made sure we were noticed.  Hard to miss the mini crowd w/ one kid pushing the other coming into church.  Told all the kids when we got out of there that that will teach them not to be late next time.  Nice service, everyone was fairly cooperative so I was pleasantly surprised.

Next step was to leave.  Umm, yeh.  Get to the car and arguing ensues.  Lovely.  Irina is upset b/c someone got in her assigned seat.  You'd think at 17.5 yo this would not be an issue but trust me, it is.  Got that mini war resolved and got maybe 2 miles down the road and had to pull off the road and turn off the car until everyone could get along.  Back we went but decided to stop off at Sam's first as we needed groceries.  Some of us decided to wait to use the restroom until we got home.  Yeh, mistake # 35 for the day.  Now, I found a cell phone at the store.  I told Irina to take it up to customer service to see if anyone lost one.  Well, you think this would be easy.  Umm, no.  She didn't know where customer service was.  I told her.  Not sure she could do it.  I said yes you can.  Well, phone starts ringing while she's going up there.  Girl sees it and says that's mine and Irina said okay then.  Now, the way the conversation played out, it was as if Irina had taken the phone.  I told Irina you should have told the lady you were on your way up to return it to customer service.  Later, got glaring looks from the lady.  I didn't even bother to correct her thinking as just wanted to get out of there.  Remember, FAS kids don't always think ahead.  Makes the simple things, difficult sometimes.  But , we survived it.  Load up the van as best we can b/c truly we forgot the wheelchair had to go in there.  And, we're on our way.  Then, we start seeing ambulances go by.  More than one.  Brake lights ahead.  Now, when you see certain things, like emergency vehicles going down the wrong side of the highway, you know it has got to be one really bad accident.  Backed up way more than the eye could see.  thankfully, just at Sam's so plenty of food.  Please kids, NO drinks. LOL. 

So, now we're super late as we were supposed to be back for play rehearsal.  Didn't make it.  I tried to make a cake.  I used to work in a bakery and decorate cakes.  Really, no big deal and can do it pretty quickly.  However, homemade icing, a little humidity, and you have dripping icing that you can not pipe through to do any sort of design.  URGHH!!!  Oh well, I was hoping it would at least taste good.  (happy to report, yes, it did).  Cut up strawberries too.  Warren had to go out and get kidney beans for the chili he was making.  Made the kids get their lunches and such ready for school as we were going to the farm & would be home late.  We were rushing around like chickens w/ our heads cut off.  We had been caught in traffic that totally messed our time frame up.  There was no way they were making practice or youth group.  Sometimes all you can do is do the best you can.  That's what we were doing.  We decided to still go to our friend's house.  The farm.  Despite an "off" day for my kids, we made it through.  We were ready to head to the farm and relax w/ friends.  Next post is our farm visit. 

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