Saturday, October 23, 2010

The sun is shining

Well, it's Saturday & all that "stuff" that happened earlier in the week is history.  Today has been wonderful and so have the kids...thus far.  LOL.  Last night Irina went to a friend's birthday party & spent the night.  Yana went out w/ her friends at the skating rink and came home.  Max went down the street to a friend's house after his friend was here for awhile.  Rest of the night, we just all hung out relaxing and watching movies.  It was a pleasant change for sure.  To relax.  Today, the girls and I opted to sleep in a tad bit and not go to yardsales.  We made pancakes and boy, they are definitely NOT Jim's pancakes.  I gave that link a few days ago.  The guy creates amazing pancakes.  Umm, mine were lucky to be round.  I experiemented w/ making Halloween cupcakes.  I'll have pictures later for you all to laugh.  Includes one decapitated bat.  Kids were cracking up and doing all kinds of stuff.  Think I'll stick to simple round pancakes. 

Finally got going and went to a birthday party.  Had a nice time over there and are back now.  Getting ready to head to Walmart to fix Alyona and Nik's glasses.  Thankfully, they know us and fix our glasses all the time due to the year warranty.  It's wonderful as Nik breaks his all the time.  Alyona's glasses usually get broken by her brother Alex. URGHH!!!  Alyona and Nik both have very bad vision and I'll explain that in another post in November I'm sure.  That's when they're due for their opthalmology check up.  They can't just go to a regular optometrist.  Other than the glasses fix, we're not doing much else today.  Just trying to catch up on mounds of laundry and relax a bit.  Warren still plans on taking the girls to the Fear Farm b/c Max doesn't want to go.  However, one of the girls is starting not wanting to go now.  So, we'll wait & see tonight how that goes.  Tomorrow, it's just church in the morning.  House stuff during the day & baking.  Almost forgot I have to bake!  Play rehearsal for little kids at 4pm and 5pm youth group for the teens though we may not attend as we're leaving for our annual party.  Can't wait!  Pumpkin carving party and lots of friends to boot.  What could be better?  Sun is to be shining the entire weekend and it has brightened moods around here.  Finally feel a sense of calm and finally feel like we're on the right track.  What a difference a day makes. 

Starting to get the kids thinking of their Christmas lists this year as it will be a challenge.  Irina has already said I really want you to bring those kids home.  When are the kids coming home?  Question I can't answer.  Boy do I wish I could.  Anyhow, they are getting gifts this year but obviously it will be a very "slim" year w/ all the adoption expenses going on.  -- more on that later.  I was very please though w/the repsonses at the dinner table the other night. 

Nik-- a bag of candy corn

Alyona-- a stroller for her baby doll

Alex-- a bag of candy corn (he told me that he has enough toys anyhow)

Bojan-- spy gear

Yana-- clothes

Max-- doesn't know

Irina-- guinea pig

I honestly was expecting a very lengthy list.  However, my kids still live off that orphanage mentality that less is more.  They are happy w/ what they have and estatic if they are able to get something new.  It's refreshing really as some of their friends I've asked & their lists are computer, new cell phone, ipod, etc.  I can't imagine spending a couple hundred dollars each on my kids for Christmas.  Financially, we can't do that but I also personally think Christmas should be celebrated for the reason it was first started.  I like just being together and keeping things simple.  It's really nice.  Though, I too admit it is fun opening a present you weren't quite expecting.  Trying to think of a group gift we can give the kids this year that won't cost an arm and a leg.  Last year we all went on a trip.  Can't do that this year.  I was thinking of gift cards to various local places for them to use throughout the year.  We'll see.  Anyone w/ ideas, shoot them my way.  Would love to hear them. 

Movie is playing downstairs and everyone is just chilling.  Think I'm going to join them.  Actually, I'm trying to finish writing up a letter to the orphanage doctor of where Bojan is from in Serbia.  I have to write that and a birthmother letter as well.  Someone is going to hand deliver them when they go to pick up their son in November.  Also, have to get a photo album together.  I have been beyond neglectful in this area and am ready to catch up with everything.  Just have such a new outlook on things this weekend.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. I think their want lists are sweet! My kids are very similar... my 8 year old wants "a camera that looks real but is fake" I love it~

    Hope you get to bring the kids home soon~ that would be a great gift for everyone.

    I enjoy your blog and hearing about all the issues you face and how you handle them.