Saturday, October 2, 2010

A shave before surgery

Ahh, a non-surgery post...finally.  I will catch up on Bojan later and on Nik's birthday party today.  For now, going to catch up on some pictures b/c my fingers are tired of typing.  LOL.  This section is a shave before surgery.  We always give the kids a haircut before their surgeries.  1) b/c it takes their mind of the upcoming surgery, 2) b/c it looks good & makes them feel good & 3) b/c it will be awhile before we can take them to get their hair cut.  Well, before Bojan's surgery, Warren cut his hair.  Bojan wanted to leave this "horn" thing on the top of his head.  Fine, but you look ridiculous I told him.  Next day he wanted it shaved off.  Warren wasn't home from work yet and Max said he could do it himself.  So, here goes:

Bojan & Max determining how their going to fix this hair issue since Warren isn't home.  

Irina, trying to prove how long Bojan's hair is by putting it in a rubber band.  Though this should be done in a bathroom, our bathrooms are not the biggest in this house.

This is Max starting on the shaving part.  He was first trying to determine what size clippers to us.  Alyona is just standing by thankful it's not her.

I love this picture as Bojan looks like he's in excruciating pain and Max is at fault.  He really wasn't in pain, just didn't want hair in his face.  Max did do an awesome job and got rid of that "horn" on his head.  Now, I need to go get Nik a haircut next week before his upcoming surgery too.  

Lots happened today at Nik's party and I'll get all that up later.  Bojan is doing fine right now.  Trying to stretch out the pain med doses a bit.  All nausea is gone, color is back and he is sick and tired of sitting down.  Umm, haven't told him just how long he's going to have to sit in that wheelchair.  Need to go make some dinner.  Something simple...chili w/ some bread.  Windows are all open, fall is here.  Love it!  Another post on that forthcoming.  One step and one day at a time.  I have tons of emails to catch up on, tons of paperwork to get done & I believe Irina has a project due Monday.  More to come.  Just wanted to post about something other than surgery.  Stay tuned for updates galore on stuff! 

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