Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Saturday of catching up

This is finally our weekend to catch up.  Catch up on work.  Catch up on emails.  Catch up on chores.  Catch up on fixing up.  Catch up on sleep trying to sleep.  Last night was Friday and Irina and Yana went to the skating rink with a friend.  For our family, we do not give allowances.  1)  there are too many of them & we'd go broke and 2)  FAS children have an extremely hard time w/ both counting money and managing it.  Instead, we allow our kids to do various things when asked by friends.  We also will spontaneously buy them a "big item" they've wanted for awhile out of the blue.  Anyhow, yesterday they went skating w/ their friends and had a great time.  Max is going nowhere and doing nothing for awhile.  Grounded for grades.  And it is not due to lack of knowledge but a lack of motivation...aka laziness.  Plain and simple.  More on him later.  So, just the girls went and had a good time.

Trouble came when we forgot to give Irina explicit instructions on what you can and can't have.  You have to remind FAS children over and over again.  Just habit for us but due to an inconsiderate barking dog, Warren and I have not gotten much sleep this past week.  Whole neighborhood is out for this dog.  LOL.  So, we forgot to remind Irina.  We were wondering why Irina acted like she was a squirrel on speed when she came home.  It was NUTS!!  Turns out, she had a Monster drink.  Umm, not a good idea for her brain chemistry.  Remember, she's severe OCD.  She started scrubbing the kitchen when she got home at 11:30 at night. URGHH!!!  She was up till 3am.  NEVER again will she ever be allowed a Monster drink.  Irina is also not allowed to drink coffee for obvious reasons.

This morning I woke Alyona up & her & I went out to go to yardsales.  Beyond awesome finds!  A much needed rug for Irina's room.  Many outdoor toys for the kids b/c my kids need to keep active.  It's vital for them.  It's one of the things I always tell other FAS parents.  We found 2 new skateboards today, a nice scooter, basketball, & a pogo stick.  A bicycle & little picnic table for the "littles" as well.  And, something I have been begging Warren to make for years.   You all may find this silly but well, I don't care.  I have always wanted one of those sets of wooden reindeer for the front yard.  Don't ask me why.  I have no idea why.  Alyona & I spotted those & that was it.  Thought we'd hit a jackpot.  LOL.  Our car was FULL after just an hour.  Went home to wake Warren up for work but he was already working upstairs here.  Unloaded and went back out w/ Alyona and Irina.  Found even more stuff.  Kinex sets and air hog remote control airplanes for the boys.  In the boxes still.  Umm, they can not even open them till we sort the upstairs tomorrow.  That's the deal.  Call it a bribe if you will but it is what it is.  We're sorting clothes this weekend as well as the boys are going back to the 7-7-7 rule.  Girls and I had fun.  Then, we came home about 9:30.  Kids were excited as we had donuts and bananas for breakfast.  Yum.

We then went to work.  All of us.  Cleaning.  Lots of it.  Tired of our yard looking like a junk yard.  Warren fixed up the playground a bit and the pool.  Kids and I cleaned up the yard.  Max weedwacked.  We even got a little more play sand today.  Just productive for sure.  Pool stuff put away for the summer.  Lovely day. 

Tomorrow we intend to do even more.  Warren is building a new bike rack as ours is destroyed.  Lots of usage.  He also has to fix a flood light outside.  Other than those two things, the rest of the day will be spent upstairs sanding walls and patching them.  This will become Alyona & her sisters' new room.  Can't wait for sure.  I'm in the mood to decorate a girlie room.  I feel our house is finally getting organized and it's a great feeling.  Getting rid of stuff we don't need or selling it. 

Tomorrow evening, the younger kids are going to a play rehearsal for the first time.  HOpe it goes well.  It is for the Christmas program at church.  Right after that, the teens have youth group.  Then, our week gets super busy.  I'm still working everyday but Wednesday, surgery day.  So, I'm having to think of projects to keep all kids busy as we won't be doing our regular routine stuff as Nik will be home & I'll still have to tend to him.  I canceled an IEP meeting this coming week as I think it would just be a bit much to the already over filled plate.  So, we have a pre-op, post-op, surgery, chiropractor, chorus, speech therapy, social security office visit, setting up 2 more IEP meetings, etc.  In other words, busy week next week.  Ready to have it behind us already as I know it may get chaotic as that is only about half the list of what we have to do.  I'm trying to also get a photo book together for a friend to take to Serbia with her when she goes.  In addition, write a letter about Bojan to give to the caretaker and to his birthmother.  So, next week my posts may get a little skimpy.  Lots going on.  Warren is also going to be taking the teens to a "Fear Farm" here for Halloween.  They've never been & there is one local where people from all over come to see.  I'm a big chicken so no, I'm not going.  Thought it would be something fun for them to do.  Now, we're also trying to plan the annual Halloween party a bit.  It is also an orphanage fundraiser.  Only this time, we'll be able to deliver the items to the orphanage ourselves!  So, two separate parties to plan for that.  We will also be going to a local farm for a fall festival.  The party for the teens will be a dinner for all ...spaghetti w/ eyeball meatballs & other various goulish goodies.  Then, they will go outside to watch a movie.  Of course it will have to be scary.  LOL.  Popcorn & goodies as well.  This is for the teens and their friends.  This will be our first time doing this w/ the teens.  We'll see how it turns out.  We allow them to invite however & whoever they want.  All we ask is they bring an item to donate.  New.  Such as one new pair of socks or a new pair of underwear.  You can get them at the dollar store.  Most though end up bringing a couple packages and it really helps immensely.  I'm told underwear and socks are needed for the older kids in Bulgaria so that is what I'm shooting for at their homes.  Younger home still thinking of stuff.  Younger kids will be having a party too.  Theirs is usually bobbing for apples, pinata, and toilet paper mummy wrap.  This time though, no pinata as the candy has gotten just outrageously priced.  younger kids dress up and usually have so much fun.  Great to see.  We even had them doing the limbo in costume one year.   Hilarious!  Good, clean fun.  We love Halloween here as it just seems to bring out the kids in everyone.  Okay, more to come on here but need to go work on that Bojan letter. 

Enjoy your weekend.  Hey, if anyone is looking for something to do, come by with a paint brush in hand.  LOL.  We'll be here all day tomorrow.  Keep you posted on Chaos Manor happenings later in the week. 

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