Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post surgery pics

Thought I'd share a few pictures here of Nik & how he's coming along.  As you know, Nik had his second CI surgery on October 13th.  2 days after surgery this is what he was doing:

Yep, climbing up the ropes on the swingset w/ one of his buddies.

Was he supposed to be climbing up here?  Umm, no.  Thankfully, I did not take the picture of him riding the skateboard down the hill the day after surgery.  Why?  Because I was too busy chasing him on said skateboard and screaming at a deaf child that literally can't hear me.  URGHH!!!

Ahh, something a bit more on the ground...sand.  Yes, play with the sand son.

They wrap his head up pretty good after surgery.  Well, it all came off so this is my improvised wrap which I must say worked much better than what the surgeons had put on there.  Future parents of CI users, this is the way to go for surgery...ace bandage & some tape.  Max wanted to use duct tape.  Typical man.  LOL.  I opted for the medical tape.  This bandage did not fall off even once.  Maybe all those sports medicine classes I took in college came in handy after all.

Yes, disgusting but all part of the process for those following the CI surgery.  These are the steri strips that held him together.  The doc gives you this solution to help them come off.  We were finally allowed to wash his head 6 days after surgery.  Used baby shampoo of course.  Didn't bother him a bit.

For a life changing device, this is all that shows.  This will also fade in time.  The other side has.  Can't even tell hardly.

Nik has healed beautifully and he is just so excited to get the second processor on his head.  He has even tried to put this one on as the magnet does stick to it.  They are not cross wired though so it won't work on opposite sides.  Can't wait till he's activated.  November 1st is activation day.  Wahoo!!!  All doped up on Halloween candy & ready to hear.  Very exciting.  Well, much more to come.

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  1. OH!... Sweetheart, it looks TERRIBLE!!!... Thanks God you seems to be PERFECTLY WELL!!!...
    We´ll waiting anxious to see your smile and eyes shinning on November the 1st!!!... You´re still on our thougths!!!... BIG HUG!!!... Take care!...