Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please pass the bucket...

Bojan's post-op was today.  Since I had no kids here today (a rarity!), I decided to stay here and work on things at home.  Cleaning house, school phone calls, doc calls, etc.  Warren took Bojan to Duke.  Duke already had forewarned me the wait would be long as they overbooked appointments for today.  Bojan got in there feeling great.   Well, they cut the cast off.  Warren said the foot looks amazing.  Real difference he said.  When they cut the cast off, Bojan mumbled something.  Warren asked him twice and finally he yelled "bucket!"  Yep, he puked all over the casting room after seeing his leg.  He saw all the blood and stitches and that was that.  A doctor he is NOT to be.  They took the sutures out and Warren said it was as if you were skinning him alive.  He's never reacted that way before to stitches being pulled.  They did not x-ray this go around so we'll have to wait on that stuff. He goes back in 4 weeks.  The nurse there was really understanding and even said to contact her if we run into a scheduling conflict.  Apparently, she's aware of the adoption.  Small world.  Bojan went back to school despite feeling nauseated.  He hasn't called so assuming all went well.  He now has a bright green cast.  Other one was Carolina blue.  New one to sign.  He still has strict non-weight bearing orders.  Can't wait till that's over.  Nothing else new.  It's still a gorgeous day out.  Teens due home in a minute and then mailing off my sister's baby gift.  Speech therapist comes today and then I need to get Nik his hair cut before surgery.  Got to go. 

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