Saturday, October 30, 2010

Old friends, a farm and fun (part 2)

Time for a few more pictures from our visit at the farm last weekend.

My kids absolutely loved the rabbits.  Can you tell?  Funny b/c growing up, Warren's dad used to raise rabbits.  Warren never ever wants a rabbit.  LOL.
Bonfire was a blazing.  Kids loved throwing stuff in the fire.  Of course.  Something about kids and fire.  It was warm that night.  But when we go to the annual Christmas Tree bonfire party in February, the fire feels absolutely wonderful.  

Hanging out with old friends is always so much fun.  Just relaxing and watching the fire and the action.

Not daring enough to go down the ramp standing up.  Fun, nonetheless though.  

Nik getting ready to take a ride down.  

this house is truly a kid paradise.  A rope swing is the perfect thing for Alyona.  Drums and keyboards too.  So even if raining, there is still stuff to do.  Trust me, the kids entertain themselves when they go there.

And who else would have a rock climbing wall in their living room?!  

Kids had such a wonderful time.  They always do.  It's great seeing new people and old ones too.  Relaxing atmosphere.

It was a pumpkin carving party.  Do you think our family got around to carving our pumpkin?  Of course not.  We dragged it in, forgot about it and drug it back out to take home.  It's the night before Halloween and still not carved.  Yes, we are behind this year on everything Halloween.  Maybe next year we'll finally get around to doing what we want to do.  LOL.  Thanksgiving will be just us this year which will be quite different from previous years.  I've got some plans for us already to do so will see if it actually works out that way.  

Busy week coming up.  I feel like time is just flying by yet standing still at the same time.  Weird, huh?  Also, time changes next weekend.  That always messes our FAS kiddos up.  Don't know why, but it does.  So, not looking forward to the week after that.  We are actually getting our family portrait done this coming Friday pending no major disasters or ER visits.  Please, no one fall this week or get scarred up.  Just one week out of the year, no cuts or bruises or cutting of own hair.  Please kids, just ONE nice picture?  Can you hear my begging?  I reminded them this many times already this week.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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