Monday, October 25, 2010

Old friends, a farm and fun (part 1)

We did make it to the farm.  What I failed to tell you all is that the kids kept telling us Nik's implant was red light.  Trying to guess from the front seat what was the issue, we decided it had to be the coil.  Well, after getting out and looking at it, Yana had forced the coil in the wrong way.  URGHH!!  Our FAS children have destroyed their fair share of items both unintentionally and intentionally.  But, when something is $8,000 to replace, you tend to be a little more upset about it.  Anyhow, our friend has a farm here w/ all sorts of animals.  We go and visit when we can.  Her kids and mine get along quite well so nice to visit them.  There are so many things to do there that I thought I'd just do some pictures and a little explaining.  Here goes:

Little tire swing action for Nik to start the night off. 

Can't be afraid of dogs if you come here.  They have them of all sizes.  Including this wonderful great dane named Wanda.  Very friendly dogs.  Alex doesn't look so big now.  

Tables were set out to provide all the goodies people brought.  Yum is all I can say.  Max looks a bit shocked here.  I think b/c I caught him w/ a Reeces.  

It was just really strange looking up and seeing all the chickens in the trees.

And, one of the main reasons we come here...friendship.  This is one of the girls that lived in the same orphanage as Yana and Alex.  Both are from Stavropol, Russia.  Do you think they enjoy seeing each other?

Irina collecting some things to put in the bonfire later that evening.  

Bojan found a buddy the whole evening.  He loved this rabbit.  He was bummed that he couldn't run around the farm.  I told him next time he'll be able to run even better!  Between the chicken on his shoulder and the rabbit in his lap, he was fine.  

Isn't it wonderful how close to nature my kids are?  They love the animals.  They got to pet llamas, emus, goats, ponies, chickens, rabbits, guineas, ducks, dogs, and too many others to name.  The visit was wonderful and despite it being a school night, we stayed later than we should have.  My kids are very at home at Mary's farm and for that, I am grateful.  More pictures to come. Have to get to bed as need to be up early for USCIS prints! 

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  1. I think the best therapy for kids is being outside and being one with nature!! I know my kids love it!! ;-)

    Good luck with your prints!!

    Best Wishes,