Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nik's surgery (part II)

After Nik helped to take the iv out, we were on our way home.  Nik was definitely ready to go home.

Nik loved being in the wheelchair b/c then he was "like Bojan" as he told me.  Nik was rather disappointed when we were not loading this wheelchair in the car to take home with us.  

On the trip home.  Drugs definitely still in his system as you can see.  He had trouble falling asleep this way so I switched places w/him and let him lay on my lap.  He is really scared about being totally Deaf.  He knew this would happened and I explained it to him as best I could but he is a bit afraid to now take his implant off.  May be tricky at bed time for sure tonight.  It will be his first night ever spent with no sound whatsoever.  

Don't know exactly why I took this picture.  He just looked very much at peace sleeping with his hands folded.  

Thank goodness there was no traffic coming home.  We stopped off at Wendy's (& no, despite pics, we do not always go there.  LOL).  Got Nik a small coke as we don't have soda at home except for parties.  Just milk and we were out of juice.  Soda on an after surgery stomach seems to work a bit better.  Got Nik settled in to rest.  He was groggy most of the afternoon.  

Overall, he's doing well.  He tells me he hurts but he's not crying hurt so we're still okay w/ pain management.  I did just give him a dose of tylenol w/ codiene.  Other than him trying to swing on the swingset this afternoon, we've managed to keep him inside.  It's very, very difficult for my active kiddos to have to sit still.  Yes, even after surgery.  Tomorrow, I have the "littles" as well here.  Lots of bead making and some spider making to be sure.  May even make some banana nut bread for good measure.  Need to keep all 5 kids occupied while still keeping Nik still.  Going to be an ultimate challenge I'm sure.  

Nik is still very nervous taking off his implant.  He is not used to the silence at all and is asking when they're turning it on.  He can feel the implanted device part and is happy about that.  What is bothering him is the fact that when he takes his current implant off, he is Deaf completely.  This is very new for him and will take quite the adjustment.  I do not know how it will be to take it off of him for bed tonight.  This is the first time he actually wanted to sleep w/ the implant on.  This was while we were in the car.  So, surgery went well and recovery, thus far, seems to be fine.  Other kids are okay.  Alex had a major, major meltdown this afternoon.  It was over homework but probably a mixture of that and Nik's surgery.  Alex is alright now.  

Warren and I are working on various plans right now.  Warren is taking the kids out either this Friday or Saturday night to the Fear Farm.  Should be fun for them.  He's taking just the teens.  We'll take the younger ones somewhere another time.  I don't "do scary."  I'm out.  Big chicken.  Yes, I'm admitting it.  Kids make fun of me all the time.  Rest of the weekend we plan to just work on the house.  A lot.  

Adoption front.  Got the new child abuse clearance letter done and should be in my hands tomorrow.  If it is, it will be apostilled on Friday.  Working on the medical letter situation.  All that then goes to Bulgaria again. USCIS prints are on the docket for Oct. 26th.  Wahoo!!!  My gut is telling me travel will be in November.  Just this gut feeling, nothing more.  Call it wishful thinking, call it hopeful, call it whatever, but my gut is telling me November.  Thinking, hoping, praying November anyways.  

We are getting ready for Christmas thinking at this point.  No trip this year.  Too much travel going on and frankly, too expensive.  Kids will get presents this year but very limited to what they will get.  Just the way it is this year, kids understand that, and told them to pick one thing they each really wanted.  Nothing is obnoxious or outrageously expensive which is wonderful.  They have also asked when their new siblings are coming home.  They are anxious for us to go for sure.  Pictures once we go on the first trip will make it much more real for them for sure.  Can't wait.  

We have much more going on for October.  Many more post-ops and appointments.   A few IEP meetings.  2 Halloween parties.  One for the teens and one for the elementary school kids.  Also, a party at a friend's house we're going to.  (kids don't know about this one yet.)  It's an annual event, we love it and have a wonderful time with friends.  It's next weekend.  Halloween is also coming up.  So, lots going on for sure.  

Thanks to those who called to check on Nik or wrote me.  I do appreciate it very much.  He's doing fine, playing with his racetrack.  Got to go put him to bed now.  A real trick as he can't sleep in his bed.  Nik & Alex sleep together but kick each other in the head.  So, Bojan is downstairs still in a bed in the dining room.  Nik is now on a mattress in Irina's room on the floor.  Can't wait for normal sleeping arrangements again.  Good night.  Very long day.

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  1. Oh! My litlle BRAVE boy!!!... You were on my thoughts these days!... Now prepare yourself for listen in Stereo: "I love you!" from your mommy´s lips!...
    And Stephanie... you made me cry, as always you do!... Give him a big hug for us!... And tell us how he keeps on going, specially at bed time when he´s totally unplugged!... (I just try to imagine been completely in silence... and it´s hard to handle!...) He is a model of courage and will!... He´s always on my thoughts!... and your wonderful family too!!!...
    Kind regards from the bottom of the continent!