Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nik's surgery (part I)

We are officially bilateral!!!  Nik's surgery was today.  He was quite the trooper and made me take pictures as we went along this journey today.  So, picture time w/ updates is the best way to go here. 

This was before we left this morning.  You can tell it's still dark outside.  Nik was playing around w/ the cast Bojan had cut off yesterday.  Today ALL the kids were up & out of bed early.  Never do they do this on a normal day.  We left early & Max was to get everyone off to school & then a neighbor take him.  Only thing Max forgot was to let the dog in.  Luckily, it was a cool day for Bear to be outside.   

Nik dressed for surgery.  We were lucky they took us back.  Got stuck in massive traffic jams the entire way there.  Over an hour & a half late.  They called us in the car and said when we got here we'd be bombarded by docs asking us tons of questions really fast.  LOL.  We told them don't worry, we've done this before.  Nik was literally all smiles jumping up and down and so happy to be getting surgery.

Horrible picture of us but Nik wanted to play w/ the camera a bit.  Got to love the wash the hair & go look before a surgery.  

Surgery took longer than last time it seemed but went really well.  Doc did not experience anything out of the ordinary which was wonderful news for us.  He really wanted to keep this implant on.  He's already realized w/out it, he can not hear a thing at all.  BTW, Nik wanted me to take pictures.  The little turkey wanted me to take pics in the OR.  Umm, sorry kid, only docs allowed in there.  

Poor kid was trying so hard to crack a smile.  He wasn't in much pain just really groggy from the meds in surgery.  He did not even throw up.

Nik even wanted to help take the iv out.  He was really ready to go home.  So home was where we headed after this.  Another post to follow.  On my way out to get Nik's antibiotics & pain meds.  Stopping by the chiropractor on the way as well.  More to come.  Hard part right now is keeping him still and keeping the other chaos makers at Chaos Manor still.  Pics to come & update on how he's doing as well.  And, more about the surgery.  Dinner needs to be made though & errands done.  Just had to share how he did w/ surgery this morning. 

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  1. Aw, hugs & prayers for Nik. I had a similar surgery in 2009...well, I had an acoustic neuroma removed in March & a BAHA implant attached in June. I am (MUCH) older than Nik, LOL. It looks like he did a bit better than me, going thru the surgery. I sure hope he continues to do well. I sometimes love being half deaf (right ear still has 50% hearing). Other times, using the BAHA is necessary & hard. I hope you & Nik adjust well.