Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nik's present

Nik's birthday was Oct. 3rd.  My parents sent him a present and it got here the day before surgery.  Nothing like a little excitement before a surgery.  See if you can guess how he felt about it. 

They couldn't even wait to get in the house!  Met the UPS man and that was it.  LOL.  They were ready to tear it open on the front lawn.  

Nik was just as excited as could be at this point.  Any guesses as to what he received as his present?

Umm, the look says it all.  

All the kids helping to put it together.  I think they were just wanting to take their turn w/ Nik once it was put up.  

So much happiness a toy can bring some times.  All ages just having fun w/ the race track.   The race track is still on my floor in the kitchen.  And, it has been a wonderful distraction post surgery.  

Just had to share.  Nice to see a happy face amongst all the surgery pics.  More of Nik's drawings to come in a later post.  Some updates on Alyona in regards to school stuff.  Met w/ her teacher today.  So many tough decisions to make as a parent.  Least she has a great teacher.  Trouble is, we have to think of her future and teacher even agrees she's caught "in the middle."   I'll explain more in another post.  Tomorrow Nik is home from school but think we'll go to school for about an hour to visit w/ Alyona and her science experiment.  Good night.  Hope Nik sleeps the whole night tonight.  We all need some good sleep.  We had a wonderful meal this evening and I'll post about that tomorrow.  Truly are angels among us. 

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