Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nik's party pics (part II)

I left off with the pinata.  It was such a gorgeous, gorgeous day outside.  All week it had been pretty rainy.  What I forgot to tell you all is shortly before this pinata, Warren searched for a place to put it out back as we usually hang it on the swingset.  Ground was drenched.  We're talking standing water in the yard.  It  rained but really should have been down a bit more than that.  However, Warren took a look over in the pool.  Water level was falling fast.  It had to be fixed and ASAP.  So, in the middle of the party Warren had to leave to go and get a part to fix the pool.  We like to add drama to any event we do.  LOL.  Anyhow, after the pinata we headed in for some cake and ice cream.  there is some history in the cake.  Irina decided to "help" me out.  She made it wrong and it was way too sticky.  I tried to ice it and it started to come up on the knife.  I had to think fast as guests were to arrive in about 5minutes.  I made some of my homemade icing to smooth over it and cover it w/ "dirt"(aka...crushed oreo cookies).  I think our messed up cake turned out okay.

Here is a picture of the cake gone wrong.  I put it on the table and realized Yana put the candles on it.  Umm, he's NOT 10 dear, he's 8.  She looked puzzled until I started plucking off the candles.  

This is Nik after he blew out the candles.  His hair is a mess but clean.  What I realized in midst of chaotic pre-party prep is he hadn't had a shower and was actually in the same clothes as the day before.  (I blame it on a surgery.  Umm, yes, that's my excuse for not bathing my son).  Told him to go get a bath super fast and he did.  Yana helped him pick out clothes.  URGHH.  He came down wearing boxer shorts for shorts.  I said Yana he can't wear that for a birthday party!  sometimes in this house, it would be faster to do it all yourself than let your children help. 

Nik tearing into his presents.  BTW, the little girl by his chair is the one he talks about all the time.  He refers to her as "my Ava."  They are not in the same class this year but do see each other still.  

Nik loved opening presents and his friends were very generous.  He has played w/ everything non-stop.  

After the present opening, they all just ran around the house or went outside and played.  It was great.  They all had a good time I think.  Nik has some nice friends.  He really does.  There were just 10 kids there so not bad.  Well, 10 plus my 7.  Being that I am going ot have 10 kids, I don't see that as such a big number any more.  Strange really.  Even though we had a bit of a hectic day, we enjoyed Nik's excitement and fun of a party.  Thanks to everyone.  Happy 8th Birthday Nik.  thanks for letting me share.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIK!!!... I know I´m delayed, but I haven´t got internet the whole pass week!... So i´m getting updated today!... As I can see, he had pass a great day!... I´m so glad about that!!!... Huge hug for him!!!...
    Kind regards to the whole family from Arg.!!!...