Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nik's party pics (part I)

I took a few pictures from his party.  After a long night of literally of no sleep, we had to get stuff done.  I set off to Dollar Tree w/ Irina and Nik to pick up a few things.  Well, they had balloons there and Nik was screaming w/ delight when he found out I was going to let him get not just one balloon, but ten.  He just could not stop smiling.  He got his favorite  He was driving us nuts w/ excitement and just getting a tad out of control so I decided it was best to take him back home.  Remember, we had just gotten up and still exhausted from all the chaos of Bojan going to the ER, kids w/ PTSD falling apart, house being a disaster & just about anything else you can think of.  I got home and balloons were almost hoisted away to the clouds.  Nice save on Irina's part.  Got the balloons all tied up outside on the porch and mailbox.  Nik was proud.  Just a symbol of his day.  Nothing says birthday like a kid & his balloons.  LOL. 

Anyhow, inside Warren pulled me aside & told me he think Bear had a stroke while I was gone.  He seems okay now and we're leaving him go.  But he was very clingy yesterday and just layed in the same spot all day.  We have NOT told the kids of the possible stroke Bear had.  And we will not.  Sometimes as parents of traumatized kids, you have to make an executive decision on what info to share.  So, though IRina wanted to go back w/ me to finish the shopping at Walmart for the party, I took Warren instead so we could talk some about Bear.  Went to Walmart trying to think clearly for the first time in hours.  Got what we needed and went home.  At this point, I truly thought all my kids would be dressed.  I was livid when I got home.  I think they saw the smoke coming from my ears I was so mad.  I mean really, 15yo and you're sitting on your lazy butt doing nothing!  URGHH.  Yana was in her pajamas, while Irina was doing ALL the cleaning.  Max was off working so he was not there during the day.  All the things Yana could have done to help, she did not.  Nothing.  Not a thing.  Keep in mind, at this point we are an hour before people are start to arrive and NOTHING is done.  No decorations, no cake finished, no party bags, no containers set up for apple bobbing, nothing.  So, going off the little adrenaline I have left, I start barking orders.  Yes, that's what it sounded like, just ask my kids. 

Bojan really wanted to help.  Yes, despite the surgery the day before, the ER visit, and very little sleep, he still wanted to be a part of Nik's party.  So, we tried to think of tasks he could do.

Balloon blowing was one of them.  

Nik put his touch on things too.  It was very buggy.  This sideboard is now at the opposite end of the dining room due to Bojan's bed being on the opposite side of the dining room now.  

I didn't have time to deal w/ Alex nor the FAS scatterbrained stuff that was going on that day.  So, I knew I needed to give him a mindless task to keep him busy.  So, he is scraping the cream off the oreos so that we can then take the cookie part & crush it into crumbs to make dirt for the cake.  Notice Bojan's bed in the background.  Not idea but we're great at improvising here.  

Here's Nik bobbing for apples.  Some of the kids figure out the trick early on...grabbed onto the stem.  Of course, most of them just like getting wet.  

Nik swinging at the pinata.  All the kids got a few good hits in but it was ultimately Alex who knocked it down.

All anxiously awaiting the candy to fall.  Bags at the ready.  LOL.  

And the candy goers are off!!  I tried to tell them I stuffed it w/ cauliflower and carrots but they did not have it.  So, it was licorice, candy, gum, etc.  Goodies found by all.

I will have more pictures.  Right now though, Bojan is doing sorting b/c that's what he can do w/ limited mobility.  Giving him tasks to keep him busy as he's bored.  Bored of movies, video games, reading, etc.  He wants to MOVE. I may take him for a walk in the wheelchair later I think.  We'll see.  Just getting up our yard is very bumpy and it still hurts him to do that.  More pics to come.  We're trying to do some Halloween decorating today, cleaning up, catching up on some organizing, and laundry of course.  It's great to slowly get caught up.  Stay tuned for more pictures. 

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