Monday, October 11, 2010

Manic monday

As the song says, I wish it were Sunday.  Sunday came and went.  We spent the day trying to get cleaned up and still couldn't get the house done.  Trying though.  Today is Nik's pre-op.  I'm sure it will be fine.  Just takes forever to do.  Nik is feeling under the weather today though.  Hoping it passes or he can't get surgery which would delay activation and everything else that comes with it.  Tomorrow is Bojan's post-op.  That will give us a better idea of how much longer he has in the wheelchair and how healing is going.  Also, he'll be getting a new cast again.  Wednesday is Nik's surgery.  Nik is excited though I know it will be different once he's actually in the hospital.  We'll manage.  Both Warren and I are going this time.  No idea how we're working school on Wednesday.  Going to keep Max home to help load Bojan on the school bus.  Then, if someone can take Max to school that will be great.  If not, he'll just have to miss it and can spend the day catching up on all the work he has to do to pass.  I will write about him soon.  Just too angry still that I may say something I regret.  LOL.  Again, this is NOT lack of knowledge but rather laziness.  URGHH!!!!

Only have 2 "littles" today so not bad.  One is in preschool right now so getting caught up.  Going for a walk in a little bit.  I've had a major sinus migraine all night and it's finally easing off but still is a major headache.  Written the agency about the abuse letter so that should get done fairly quickly.  Once I get it, apostille it and then off to Bulgaria it goes.  Otherwise, pretty quiet.  We're trying to figure out how we're doing Christmas this year as far as gift going goes.  It is going to be beyond tight w/ this adoption going on at the same time.  We still need to raise about $10K for this adoption.  I have a feeling November is going to be really super busy for us.  So, want to get everything else done now.  And, try to keep everyone healthy during cold & flu season.  For those who are curious, I'm still on the weight loss track!  I love the calorie count thing.  Makes you more conscientious for sure.   Can't wait to see how much I lose by Friday. 

Oh, tell me this is not the sweetest thing in the world.  One of Nik's friends from class is coming over the day after surgery.  Well, her family is.  They are cooking us dinner!  Should be a lot of fun.  Nik is supposed to kind of stay away from a good many people the first few days after surgery.  As in school.  So, having a friend come over will be wonderful for him.  He has surgery Wednesday, so keeping him out Thursday and Friday.  He'll go back to school on Monday.  anyhow, this family is going to cook us a full dinner.  Can you believe the generosity?!  The thoughtfulness of it all?!  Now, tell me we don't live in a great neighborhood?  When Bojan got his surgery, the church even visited him at the hospital.  Then, neighbors would stop in to say hello to see how he was doing.  It's just nice having people thinking of your family and knowing they care. 

Not much else right now.  Lots of phone calls and emails to do.  But, first, playing for a good long while is in my future here.  We went to yardsales this past weekend and so she is in 7th Heaven right now w/ a Barbie house and new Barbies.  I literally couldn't pull her away if I tried.  LOL.  I have had to stop typing many times to dress Barbie however.  More pictures coming later today b/c I honestly think I forgot to put Yana's birthday party stuff on here.  Have a wonderful week.  It's going to be spent mostly outside here w/ the exception of Wed, Thurs.  here. 

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