Monday, October 25, 2010

Manic Monday-- busy week coming

I'll have to write about this past weekend later tonight.  Busy is an understatement.  Today is Monday.  Not much going on today but tomorrow is crammed packed full of stuff.  We have our fingerprint appointments in the morning.  USCIS here we come!!!  I'll call a few days after the appointment and make sure we were assigned a worker.  Like to double check.  After the fingerprint appointments, we come home and take Max to school.  While taking him to school, we pick up some of the other kids for a dentist appointment.  After that, go to pick up one of the "littles" from preschool.  Return kids to school.  Come home & check on things after sending out apostilled child abuse check.  Leave again for my ortho appointment on my knee.  Tell you how it goes.  Hoping and praying I don't need surgery or that would really cause a wrench in plans.  Come home from ortho, "littles" picked up, home work started and then chiropractic appointment.   I'm sure I forgot stuff to do in between.  suffice it to say, busy, busy day tomorrow.  Some of my other kids go to the dentist on Thursday as well.  We are also going to resolve the last of the doctor letter.  We have a wonderful doctor and very understanding but I also don't like to burden them w/ stuff they've already done.  Our child abuse letter will be on the way to Bulgaria this week.  Fingerprints will be done.  Doc letter will be done (fingers crossed here--LOL).  After that, it is impatiently wait mode that kicks in.  I'm not a patient person so waiting even during an adoption process is indeed hard.  I'm very ready to go meet my kids.  Very ready.  I get this way at a certain point in an adoption process.  I think it is when I realize this is becoming more of a reality than just gold seals, fees paid, and faded pictures.  Tomorrow is huge.  We get fingerprinted.  This is the part where the US government is actually saying yes, you can bring 3 children home to be part of your family.  Yes, you will take care of them.  And yes, you have our permission to travel!  That is the big one.  Permission to go.  Completed dossier includes the I-800A approval.  That would be the piece we're missing and the fingerprints tomorrow give us that missing piece.  Would be nice if it were immediate approval but as many in the adoptive community know, nothing is immediate.  It's all a hurry up and wait process.  I can personally tell you that even after 7 adoptions (4 separate processes) it still is not easy to sit and wait and do nothing.  Hard.  But all par for the course. 

Rest of the week, we need to get Irina's driver's ed paperwork turned in so that she can go get her permit.  Yikes!  Max is still waiting for them to call him to take the driving part of it.  We also need to resolve a few school issues this coming week.  Irina has a big IEP meeting next week.  It's at 7am.  They will not be happy at what we have to say and that's okay.  This is in the best interest of Irina, not to make the teachers happy.  Inclusion classes have ruined her academic career this year.  I know there are many for inclusion classes and for some, that works.  But for many, it does not.  The special ed teachers in this county and the next county over and having a very difficult time w/ all this.  They don't know what to do.  Enough of the soapbox as I actually started a school post. 

Everyone is doing fairly well here.  Bojan is tired of his wheelchair which is to be expected.  Healthwise, everyone is fantastic.  They are excited about Halloween coming up.  Me too....candy.  We have decided not to have our Halloween Party for the kids this year.  Just too much going on right now.  Kids don't have school Friday.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them that day.  We'll see.  Maybe a picnic at the park.  This weekend is Halloween of course.  Irina and Yana have a lock-in at church this weekend as well.  We are waiting for our "break" weekend.  I think we may get a break in November for a weekend.  We'll see.  We are ready for a not so busy, scheduled weekend.  Hoping it may be next weekend.  Need to get going.  Lots to do.  Changed the look of the blog for more of a fall feel.  Such a great time of year.  Enjoy your week everyone. 

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