Friday, October 29, 2010

Little updates

Today is busy as usual.  We have no school today so there are 10 kids here.  Well, not really as Max is out driving in the driver's ed course.  He was really excited.  Should be interesting for sure.  I canceled the MRI I had this morning.  Going to reschedule.  Just was not going to make it on time & be back in time to take one of the "littles" to preschool.  Usually I wouldn't mind being late but there was a field trip today.  Felt too pressured.  No big deal since I am able to reschedule. 

Nik still does not have the new implant back.  Called Advance Bionics and they checked the tracking number.  There was a problem w/ the plane yesterday.  Plane actually arrived today instead.  It has priority right now as it was supposed to be here yesterday.  It's 11am and we still don't have it.  However, it is on the FEDEX truck so hoping soon that Nik will hear again.  It has been most frustrating these last few days. 

Bojan has a Halloween Party tonight and I have no costume made yet.  We're getting there.  Getting ready to carve some pumpkins next and play outside for awhile.  No school today.  So, we had pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Nice on a cool morning. 

Windows are being replaced Monday.  We did the garage ones ourselves w/ some friends' help but these are not in a place where we can do it ourselves.  Though we wanted all repairs to wait until spring and after the adoptions, we can't let the rot go further down into the wall.  The other window rot we can slowly fix ourselves.  Just don't have the money for it all right now.  Money is something we must talk about shortly.  As much as I hate it, we will have to fundraise at some point.  There is just not enough in the bank.  We have borrowed from retirement in order to do this adoption however, it is not nearly enough.  So, stay tune for some upcoming fundraisers on here. 

Started this email this morning and never finished it.  Oh well.  Time flies when you're watching kids.  Still haven't made Bojan a costume for today so he's going as a head on a platter.  We'll make his electric chair tomorrow.  Yes, the kid has a sick sense of humor.  Girls are about ready for the church lock-in.  Wahoo!!!  two girls gone.  Bojan goes at 6:30pm.  He's lucky he's even going right now.  He and Alex have been fighting all day long.  No idea why.  Happens.  Ended when I made them do a project together.  In this house, kids fight, you have to do a project together.  They had to repaint the wooden Christmas reindeer we have for outside.  Did them some good. 

Max goes driving again tomorrow at 8am.  Pick girls up at 9am.  Working on cleaning up and the house all day Saturday.  Saturday evening, some relaxing. 

Oh, btw, writing Alyona & Nik's adoption story later this month...November.  They were adopted in November so figure I'll do it then.  Someone asked if we went through an agency for Serbia.  We did.  This was back in Feb. of 2005 and to my knowledge, my son was the last adopted through an agency in the States.  At the time, he was the 11th child ever adopted from there from America in 13 years.  Now, people adopt from Serbia and us a facilitator.  It's an independent adoption.  Also, the agencies are now getting involved in Serbia as well.  Someone had also asked what happened to the little boy we had fallen in love with.  He went to live with a Swedish family.  Very glad he found a home but boy, he was the most precious thing for sure.  We wanted to come back for him but we were in the midst of adopting Alyona.  We had no idea we would end up adopting Nik as well.  Plans change.  LOL.  Keep the questions coming, I do not mind a bit.  I know I wrote those a few years ago so things have changed.  But, some things never do.  Well have a wonderful, relaxing weekend everyone. 

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