Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life goes on

Despite an upcoming surgery tomorrow, life goes on.  Has to.  With FAS children, everything needs to be consistent.  Routines are key.  So, chores still need to be done, lunches made, practices tended to. 

We have told Alyona to practice in the yard.  This is for obvious reasons.  I do not think she'll be following in my footsteps and playing the flute & piccolo.  But, very glad she's practicing!

I was very proud that she was able to learn this.  I could even recognize three blind mice!  It is very hard for her to cover the holes due to her radial articulation in her right arm and the permanent damage done to it by a botched surgery job.  However, it doesn't stop her from trying and that's what I love.  

this is Nik's current implant.  This is what has changed his life.  Has it changed the fact that he is Deaf?  No.  He was and always will be Deaf.  However, with this device, he is able to gain access to both the Deaf world and the hearing world.  Some people with implants when they get older end up speaking.  Some end up using ASL to communicate.  I really don't care what Nik chooses when he gets older. I just wanted to make sure he had that choice to make.  Growing up with all hearing sibs, I wanted him to have the ability to hear what they say.  We say & sign in this house to the best of our ability.  Nik has gotten better at teaching us ASL as well.  Correcting my signs on occasion.  URGHH.  Tomorrow is a very big day for Nik and what the future may hold for him.  Will I ever be able to hear him "say" I love you?  Who knows.  He signs it to me now and means it.  That to me is more important than him ever saying it.  Though I must admit, those words would sound so beautiful to my ears if he ever did speak them.  Nik's deafness has taught me that words really are not necessary for communicating feelings.  True love comes from within and I thank Nik everyday for teaching me that about life.  Though many changes are coming for him tomorrow, he has always been and will always be "Mommy's little Nik Nak."  Please keep Nik in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through surgery tomorrow morning.  Keep you posted once we are back from the hospital. 

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