Friday, October 15, 2010

He's at it again....

drawing that is!  Yep, Nik is back in school so we will have sporadic drawings posted on here done by Nik.  For those of you new to this blog, Nik will either end up a Stephen King novelist or in some serious therapy.  Last year's classic drawing to remember was his rendition of Humpty Dumpty.  He had Humpty Dumpty on a wall...being pushed no less off the wall!  Then, at the bottom, he had an egg splatter on the ground.  IF that wasn't enough, he then had Humpty Dumpty getting fried by the sun. Yes, these are the kinds of drawings he does.  Won't even get into the decapitated kid on the swingset last year.    So, to keep up w/ tradition on here, we have a segment called Nik's drawing's.  So, let's begin.  These are rather mild compared to last year.  I think he works up to it.  LOL. 

Okay, this is the same picture.  Just couldn't fit it all in one shot.  I honest to goodness don't even know how to begin with this one.  There are aliens shooting at someone who is angry and standing on top of the police car.  There is a guy crawling to the police car.  LOL. A guy on the roof is being sprayed w/ something .  Aliens and people on the ground are shooting.  Way too much in this picture to even figure out what is going on.  

As you may have guessed, a gigantic pumpkin is in the background.  Someone is in a tall building on the right.  A green monster and a mad pumpkin are chasing after a person on the left.  

Okay, the blob in the picture is a monster.  The thing w/ the evil face is the monster's face.  The things inside of this are "parts" of people he told me.  A few heads and arms for goodmeasure.  Someone is also falling on the right side of the page.  

Nothing scary here.  This is Nik and his birthday party.  The things on top are streamers.  He labeled himself as Nik at the head of the table.  All his friends sitting with him.  Birthday cake there and then a table FULL of presents.  I think this is called wishful thinking.  LOL.

Those are just a few of Nik's drawings so far.  As I get more, I'll post.  Can't wait till he really starts his creative drawings.  Those do get very interesting.  Apparently, he's been drawing some to his friend Jaxon at school.  His mom told me yesterday there is always someone being arrested or something.  Go figure.  My son and his drawings.  One day, I know we'll sit back and laugh about it all when he's older. 

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