Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe & Happy Halloween.  Yes, we are indeed going trick or treating.  We love going out and seeing all the costumes.  I especially love the creativity of some people.  Just amazes me.  And, who can forget the candy of course.  Now, some of you have seen how large our dining room table is.  It's actually two dining room tables put together.  Well, we dump all the candy out to share.  No one actually keeps their own bucket.  We all share.  It covers the entire table.   We eat some and Warren then takes a bunch of it to the break room at lunch.  We are making the teen girls stay home this year and pass out candy.  Why? you ask.  Because last year the deal was the teens stay behind for a little while till we get back & then they could go out w/ their friends.  Well, they conned Max into staying by himself to hand out candy.  They left w/ their friends.  URGHH!!!  So, this year Max is going w/ us to help push Bojan up the hills.  Irina and Yana WILL stay behind to pass out candy b/c of that stunt last year.  It was wrong and they knew it.  Not like they don't get the candy anyhow.  They have agreed this year.  One of us may come home early and let them go back out but keeping that a secret for now. 

Can't believe tomorrow is November.  We are hoping for some really good news in November of course.  Keep you all posted.  As a family, we are also hoping for a little down time soon.  So, we will have one weekend scheduled at Peacehaven farm but other than that, nothing currently on the calender.  Girls are going to a pilgrimage for church in mid-November.  Otherwise, we are going to really work on the house. 

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween and get some candy.  Chocolate for sure! 

This is Nik's creation.  Can't you tell by the angry faces?  Most kids will draw three triangles and a mouth.  Not my kid.  Nik has to be unique.  Anyhow, all mine are so excited about Halloween tonight.  They are a very, VERY rough night last night.  We woke up late & missed church.  So, Warren and I decided to go and get the kids donuts from the grocery store.  I know, sugar on top of sugar today.  Hey, it's once a year, indulge a little.  Warren and I are getting ready to go out to Wally World for supplies.  Kids were so happy about getting donuts this morning that they cleaned up the entire house while we were gone!  Nice surprise to come back to and very thoughtful.  Much to do today.  Just wanted to say Happy Halloween.  Next holiday....Thanksgiving.  Yum. 

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