Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Nik!!!

Oh my goodness.  I can't believe it is actually here.  Nik's birthday is today, Sunday, October 3rd.  He was born in Murmansk, Russia.  He was the 5th child born in a family w/ 6 kids.  I wished I could have been the one there to see him but do know he must have been very well loved.  He was with his family for a few months before being released to the orphanage.  I can't imagine having to make that decision.  Nik had 4 birthdays celebrated without us.  He had just turned 4yo when we brought him home.  A baby in many ways indeed.  This little boy has made up for lost time.  He is growing into quite a big little boy.  Love it!  Nik was such a sweet little thing when he came home....

Now, how could anyone on earth say no to that referral picture?!  Who knew just how many more birthdays this little guy had to celebrate.  Had he stayed, this could have been his last picture ever taken.  It would have been his last birthday most likely as many do not live very long after going to the mental institution.  More on those places one of these days.  But, he has a forever family to celebrate birthday after birthday.  Look at him now... 

8 years old today!  This was from his birthday party on Saturday.  Happy as can be.  First four years of his life he missed these celebrations about his life.  Despite us having a very chaotic week, there was no way we were going to let him miss this celebration.  This was a day about him, spent w/ friends, laughing in the sunshine, and just enjoying life.  

Though I know we can't do the "event" birthdays that so many here do, I think the kids have a blast anyhow.  Good sign when they don't want to leave--LOL.  Kids like things simple w/ a little sweetness.  That's what we gave him. We bobbed for apples, had a pinata, cake & ice cream , and countless hours of playing outside w/ friends.  He was in heaven.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

Nik is our "baby boy."  He is the youngest of all the boys and will continue to be so.  I guess I've always seen Nik as our baby as developmentally, that's where he was when he came home.   Our new boy coming home is not a baby.  He is two years older than Nik.  And that is perfect.  Nik, I had wanted to remain the youngest boy no matter what.  I think it fits him.  The other kids like to nuture him quite a bit.  In other words, Nik being the "baby boy" of the family is his place & where he should be.  I should no longer use the word baby though.  Far from it.  He is my little man for sure.  He is by all means a normal, active 8 year old little boy now.  Loves the ladies too.  LOL.  Nik knows his bugs.  He's sweet, yet has that little devilish side to him too.  Nik has brought so much joy to our lives I can not even put it into words.  We love him to pieces and are very thankful we are able to celebrate his 8th birthday with him.  I will have pictures up of his party on the next post.  didn't take a whole lot as I was too busy talking and getting some things done.  Lots, and lots of disasters yesterday but we overcame that and had a fun party.  More to come on Nik's party in the next post. 

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