Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hanging onto summer

Well, we thought it was getting cooler but as everyone else in NC knows, weather temps can change in a heartbeat.  Temp is climbing up to the mid- 80's again which isn't bad.  We're just all a bit ready for the 60/ 70 degree days again.  Today I took the "littles"(for those new here, I babysit during the day) to the park today.  It was just a gorgeous day for it.  They did great so we're planning on going again soon.  My kids are still hanging around outside.  Yesterday they did bike races down the hill in our yard.  Always looking for bugs or critters, playing on the swingset, playing on the trampoline or just hanging around.  Here's a few from outside.

Alyona posing for the camera.  She can climb to the top for sure.  The boys actually have climbed on the top beam!  

Alex, gettiing in on the climbing action as well.  And no, that is not usually where that trampoline is.  Otherwise, they'd climb to the top & jump off onto the trampoline.  It was moved there to mow.

Enjoying a friend's new puppy.  Very cute and I must say, we all now have puppy envy.  We all melt when we see puppies.  It was very difficult after Aspen died as we had always had two dogs in the house.  Bear seemed very lonely yet we were afraid he wouldn't do well w/ a new puppy.  So, we never did.  Bear is our "alpha dog" and that's the way it will stay for awhile.  Meantime, we can ooh and ahh at other new puppies.  
Pool was a bit too cold to soak in.  So, we decided to put up the slip & slide, a baby pool, and some kitchen bowls.  All worked well I think.  Water and kids typically will come together as fun.  This was on the day when I had the 17 kids here.  I needed some of them outside.  LOL.  

Yes, we hate seeing summer coming to an end as we are very outdoors people.  We love it outside, we really do.  With the end of summer though, we welcome in cool breezes, hot cocoa, candy apples, jumping in leaves, etc.  Putting on flannel pajamas and curling under a nice warm comforter.  Though that does make it extra tough to get up in the morning and get ready for the day.  

Enjoy your week everyone.  Weekend is almost here.  Many more posts to come.  But, speech therapist is on the way & I have to go pick up Bojan from chorus practice. 

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