Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A friend needs help....

I know that we ourselves are trying to raise funds for an adoption of our three kids.  However, I feel it is our duty to help others especially when they are so close to bringing home a child.  I have a friend.  She has been a "cyber friend" for many years.  So, yes she is indeed real.  LOL.  How did I "meet" her?  Well, her children happen to come from the SAME orphanage as Bojan did!  Small world, huh?  Well, they have adopted 2 children and are in process to bring their 3rd child home from this same orphanage.  A rarity at best in Serbia.  They usually only allow one child to be adopted from that country.  They have been blessed beyond measure w/ the two wonderful kids they have.  These children have thrived in their care!  It is amazing to watch them in pictures and see the change.  Their little girl has cystic fibrosis.  Their little boy has some unique issues as well and recently got his wheelchair to give him a bit more independence.  This is something that most likely would not have happened in his country.  How do I know this?  Because when we picked up Bojan, he had a leg that was way to small by a few years.  Could barely walk.  The little boy they are about to adopt has Cerebral Palsy.  He will undoubtedly thrive beyond measure in this loving family.  They are to leave in November.  They can not leave unless they raise the rest of the funds to bring him home.  They are just $3800 shy of this life saving event.  I know that sounds like a lot but with just a few people donating it will happen.  If you have a chance & you decide not to order that Starbucks this week or not to get that McDonalds, would you mind instead donating to this family?  This is truly a life changing event.  This child is destined to a life at a mental institution otherwise.  I can not imagine that happening.  If you yourselves can not donate, can you please consider writing about this family or sending some emails out.  They live modestly but in a house full of love.  Here is a link to where you can help save this little boy's life:

Thanks for letting me share about Tammy and her wonderful family.

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